Wednesday, January 31, 2007

James James James

Where did James go? Our wonderful, sweet baby was pretty fussy yesterday. When I got home Jim said that James had been crying off and on and not eating well. He continued this in the evening. I don't think I was apart from James for longer than 10 minutes because he needed my constant attention. I had to sit him upright on my lap or play with him to keep him from crying. Usually he'll sit in his swing, lay on his playmat by himself, etc and he'd be fine. Not yesterday.

I gave him a bath last night, which is usually pretty pleasant for him. The bath itself was fine but when I was drying him off and dressing him, he screamed like I've never heard him scream before. I was quick about dressing him so I don't think he was cold. I quickly gave him his bottle and he was fine after that. Though he didn't sleep very long- waking up at 2am (5 hours). I guess 5 hours is pretty good, but we always hope when we put him down at 9pm with a full stomach that he'll last until 5/6am!

But that screaming! I felt like crying myself. I couldn't console him fast enough. I think this led to my feelings of being overwhelmed later that night. My day was very long.

Today is a new day and I hope James is doing well at home with his Daddy. I haven't received an update from Jim yet saying he's fussy, so I'm hoping for the best :)

I'm sorry there aren't any new pictures still. Last night was not a good night to take pictures! The homepage picture is another of my favorites. I can hardly remember when he was this little- it seems so long ago!

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