Monday, May 28, 2012

Love Note

An unprompted love note from my sweetie. He started asking me, "How do you spell "dear"? How do you spell "From"?"

It says, if you can see it:






Children's Museum

The Children's Museum at five years old is F-U-N! I don't think we've ever lasted as long as we did today- four and a half hours of fun and exploring!

The Curious George exhibit was calling our name! There was lots of interactive activities that James actually enjoyed! (We thought 4+ hours was impressive, last year we lasted not even one hour before James was "bored"!)

Working out a tunnel system to get the golf ball in the hole..

Manipulating colored shapes to make a stain glass window.

James said this one was a house with a storm/lightning hitting it!


He really likes these blocks. They have them at school too.
There's Curious George!


There was an area that kids were put to work. James worked cooperatively to get these blocks up and down a conveyor belt system. This was a small area. Wait until he sees the big area!


There was an old fashioned phone, probably one of the only rotary phones he'll ever see! He did know what it was though.

"Grandma Rose, are you there?"

We explored Earth World.

Rock climbing.

He explored the ant caves. They give me the creeps!

And then we went outside to the Rooftop Art Park.
Climbing as high as the sky!

Painting with water, with Dad.

Feeling the sand between his toes!

"Mom, can you see me through the hole?"

Back inside, in "How Things Work". James dresses the part of a mechanic/construction worker.


Dad shows James how to change a tire.

After the car is all fixed, James took me for a drive and on a "date" :)
Working a crane.
And back to work!




James worked cooperatively with a bunch of kids. Jim and I laughed, sat on the side, and enjoyed how intensely they played. I mean, they meant business. They were taking their tasks very seriously. There was an older boy who shouted orders and declared himself the Manager. After a while James started working the conveyor belts on his own and stopped participating in the frenzy to get the blocks up and down the two levels. I was glad to see he was curious about how it all worked, and didn't just follow orders :)

Afterwards we went to Candyland for a quick treat!


What a great day!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Play Date

James cleaned the living room to get ready for his friend Brady!

So anxious, waiting.

I made cookies for a snack.


And then when Brady got there? James wanted to play the Wii. Alone. I convinced him to play.

Exploring James room.


Oooooh! Lightsaber battle!




When Brady saw all of James' toys downstairs he exclaimed, "James, you are so special!" I guess he was impressed :)


James taught Brady how to duel with "wands".


And then he showed Brady his favorite thing to do, ever. Watch videos.


It was a good play date. James and Brady puzzled me. They seem to be pretty good friends but they never wanted to play the same thing, at the same time. They played alongside each other, and sometimes disagreed if they started to play together. I felt like I had to keep a close eye on them, and not do my own thing for too long.

I guess we'll get better at that play dates :)


Around the House

Resourceful. Helping himself to gummy worms.

Lego building. Looks bored with me.


Harry Potter dueling

Most of the time I don't get to catch James in the middle of playing with his friends. On this day they kept playing despite my arrival (usually James runs to me with his excited "Mooooooooooom!"

The boys had "wands" and proceeded to duel.





So funny!

I think we're watching too much Harry Potter around here...