Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Donkey!

I don't know why but James immediately went to this corner when he got home from daycare on Friday. Jim was trying to say hello to him and he got this. What?! As far as I know, James has never really had a time-out (I'm ignoring/forgetting my desperate attempts at time-outs a few months ago). Maybe James was feeling shy? But it looks pretty darn funny!

I baked cupcakes for Tio Donkey's birthday party on Saturday. I made Pina Colada cupcakes (coconut cupcakes with pineapple cream cheese frosting and coconut topping) and Chocolate Guinness cupcakes with ganache filling and Bailey's frosting. Yum-o! (That was for you, Tia ChaCha!)

At Donkey's birthday party:

James lives the good life. Not a care in the world!

Another weird thing that James started doing- he was upset that the other kids were using his golf clubs, so he would pout. I would look over and he would have his arms crossed and a sour look on his face. Again, I couldn't help but laugh!

I wish this picture had turned out better. Donkey was teaching James how to dance. And James was dancing! Man, he loves his Donkey!!

ChaCha and Donkey make some good grub. The highlighted food was a Shrimp Boil- shrimp, corn, and potatoes in a cajun seasoning. Sooooo good!

I got food in my belly (finally)!

ChaCha took a moment from being the hostess with the mostess to pose for a picture with James (Nugget), but he was doing his pout thing again. What you don't see is that ChaCha cheered him up a few seconds later. He loves his ChaCha!

Grandpa Larry helped James "fix" the tree. James found several large pieces of bark on the ground and he said they needed to "fix it". Grandpa helped James put the bark back on the tree. Funny!

High five! We did it!

Next up, Grandpa makes funny faces through the door window. He's silly.

We left the party early because of James' bedtime but James gave his Donkey a present before we left. A donkey! Its a golf club cover.

James chillaxin' in the car.

We had to fit in golf somewhere in our weekend, so we headed over to the golf course on Sunday.

Every time James sees a flag he says, "Barack Obama!" I never taught him our President's first name, so I don't know where he learned that.

Baby ducks in the golf course pond!

Taking a break with Mama.

Here you can see his "owie" from the day before. He fell twice at the party, probably in his excitement to get around and explore a new backyard. And also with other kids.

We mentioned to James that we would go to McDonald's after golf, so he was eager to leave.

A few seconds after this last picture James scared the $#@% out of us by falling backward on the concrete patio. He lost his balance and fell on to his back and head. He cried for about a minute and then said, "I okay". Thank God he didn't hurt himself badly, he probably was just startled. I observed him while he played at the Playland to make sure he wasn't dizzy or disoriented. He seemed fine. He sure is one tough boy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Kemmetmuellers

Yeah, that's a mouthful but we love the Kemmetmuellers! :)

Here are the pictures from last week's visit. Christa and family were in MN for a wedding and we were able to see them on Thursday night. We decided to have dinner and then "play" at the Mall of America. Her boys are at a great age (too) that they are familiar with a lot of the Nickelodeon characters, so the rides were great!

James watches as the older boys ride solo on Diego's bus.

It looks like just the adults are on the ride, but the small boys are on either side of us, you just can't seem them from this angle!

James couldn't go on this ride because he was too small, but Wonder Pets! James' favorite!!

James was pretty thrilled to watch from the ground though. He kept pointing and saying, "Flyboat!"

James LOVED Christa. Here she is comforting him when he hit his hand or something. She got him to giggle wildly!

James didn't want to go on this ride, or was it his parents? I don't remember. But we had fun watching Christa, Andy, Ryan, and Jesse spin around and around on Swiper's Sweeper. Poor Andy could barely fit in the car because of his long legs!

Both families went on the HUGE ferris wheel, but in separate compartments. It was fun to see the entire mall, and we kept passing by the huge Dora and James pointed each time.

We had to say goodbye eventually. We sat the boys down for a group picture and it was so cute! Ryan and Jesse put their arms around James protectively and we tried to get them to look up at the same time- it was hard!

All three boys were engrossed in their Nickelodeon "maps".

I hope they come back soon for another visit! Or maybe I can convince Jim to head East!