Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grandpa Frank

It didn't take long for me to give up my "break" huh? Well, I am still on a break. I felt a little guilt in not posting these particular pictures sooner- frustration forgotten, even though some of the pics I lost were from this visit with Grandpa.

Grandpa Frank was here last week for some ice fishing. As always we spend a few days with him. I really got James excited for his Grandpa's visit. We came home from daycare, and Grandpa was waiting for us. James burst through the door and went right up to Grandpa, no shyness. I was so glad. He can be a little stinker sometimes when it comes to visitors, really familiar or not. He immediately started showing off his toys and played with Grandpa. James got this tea party going, and spilled water everywhere. Oh well!

First, some chips and salsa. James loves to share.

So I did lose some pictures but I'm going to ask Ana for the pictures she took on her camera. She took some posed pictures, something I'm not good at doing. I always forget! Look for them later, if she's willing to share :)


Dada needed a break today (I said), so I took James to Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Larry's neck of the woods for some mini golf and lunch. James pulled the shy thing at Grandma's house, he sat huddled on my lap for 10 minutes but soon after that, he was chatting with Grandpa in the car like they were BFF's.

Here they are, hand in hand, walking to the indoor golf course. James was so excited! I know this because we bought him new shoes yesterday and he refused to wear them until I said they were special "golf shoes". He then was so happy! I always think to myself, I just have to be quicker (or smarter) than the three year old to avoid drama and unnecessary crying/whining!

The first shots. Apparently Grandma got a hole in one on her first shot. I did not actually witness this... riiiiiiiiiight, Grandma...

I did it!

I did it again!

Did you see that, Mama?

I did it! (and nope that's not a porcupine!)

Tough shot ahead... gotta miss those rocks...

Nope, that's not the grumpy old troll that lives under the bridge (a Dora ha ha). Said with love, LarrBear.

James insisted that Grandpa hit the ball between his legs. We held up the 8 kids behind us but we didn't care. They were rushing through the entire course behind us.

Grandpa and Grandma threaten to throw James in the snow.

And they did! How mean!

At lunch James wowed us with his Spanish skillz.

And then he amazed us at home with his technology skills. He doesn't get to use our phones often but I have special programs (apps) that are toddler friendly. It's not something we encourage but every once in a while it's fun to see how well he does with it.

Yeah, those eyelashes are still amazing!

I made some mini chocolate cheesecakes for a friend's birthday. Yum.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I haven't forgotten this blog. I am very, very, very frustrated. I am taking a break from blogging. My pictures are all over the place. I can't keep up. I don't have one computer to really call my own, so the pictures are scattered between an old laptop, a work laptop, my work computer, and then Jim's desktop computer. I can't count on any of them to contain everything of mine. I feel like they're all borrowed.

I just need to take a break and relieve myself of some of this pressure that I put on myself!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catching up AGAIN

Artwork from iPhone. James loves to play around on our phones, there are a few easy "apps" that he likes- art, a Goldilocks interactive story, the lightsaber noises, and then a matching game. We've limited his use of the apps not because we're worried about his use of technology but because we just don't want him to break our phones!

Jim said that after he "drew" this picture, James wondered why his fingertips weren't brown or blue :)

Daycare rainbow. This replaced the winter wonderland, Christmas tree display. The colors of the rainbow are kids' handprints, in corresponding room colors. James is in the Orange room so his handprint is orange.

James was reaching into his locker to find his gloves, hat, and boots. His t-shirt says, "The world revolves around me." Yup!

We left for breakfast early on Saturday. So early that Jim didn't shower and he was hiding his hair under his Twins cap. James wanted a cap too. We've got an early start on Twins season! (We're looking forward to going to the new stadium! Even me!)

Air hockey

Lightsaber play. James pretended flashlights were lightsabers. He makes swishing noises and swings it like a sword.

I turned off the light and the camera flash to see if the light would reflect better.

Things sometimes get a little rough and tumble before bedtime.

One last golf swing before bedtime!

Oven-fried chicken for dinner. (South Beach friendly)

Key Lime pie with coconut pecan graham crust. NOT diet friendly :)

It was a fast weekend. We didn't do much but get things done around the house and play. Lots of playing. Jim spent a little more time with James than me, because I was cooking and prepping for my Dad's visit. (Grandpa Frank is coming to town!!! We've been hyping it up with James :)

Play: "bathtime" in the blankets, lotsa Legos, golf, sorting and playing with Valentine's day cards, cars, coloring, Leapfrog video games, lightsaber play, air hockey, Dora computer game with Dada, books, dance party (James was introduced to "Walk this Way" on my ipod) and probably more play that I'm forgetting! Oh yes, and nonstop chatter!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yoga pose
James was imitating the picture on the Wii Fit CD.

One-armed push up. I don't know where this came from!

Tia Kiki sent these Kokeshi from Japan! I think that's supposed to be me, and James. Sorry, Jim, you didn't get a doll :)

My wonderful husband surprised me with flowers at work. I didn't even think he'd send any, after the week he had traveling and getting stuck in the snow! They opened up to be beautiful irises and tulips.

James came home from daycare with a big box of treats and Valentine's cards from his friends.

The box he decorated at daycare.

He opened M&M's and insisted on eating them from a plate. I didn't know he'd lap them up like a dog though...

James and his Dada made spaceships!

Grandma Rosie came over to babysit on Saturday. Jim and I took a much needed "day off". We went to a movie (Avatar 3D), did a little shopping, went out to dinner, and then sat and relaxed with a (decaf) coffee.

We ate at Restaurant Cru, starting off with sparkling wine with a raspberry heart cube.

Sunday morning. James tries on our 3D glasses.

We all had our Valentines breakfast of Cinnamon Bun filled pancakes with cream cheese icing and Eggs. Yum.

James opens up his Valentine's Day card.

"This is for me?"

A Little Einsteins magnet play set!

A heart box of Hershey's kisses and a mini heart of M&M's!

James has loved piling up pillows and blankets and pretending to have "bathtime". We pretend to find fish, purple sea urchins, and squid in the water. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense but it's fun to him.

James and his Dada went to visit Grandma Laura on Sunday afternoon, so I got busy setting the table with candles, flowers, homemade cards, and wine.

We had another favorite meal, Chicken Scallopine. Yum.

After dinner, James jumped and gave his Dada several mid-air high fives. Great fun!

Monday. I had a day off from work and James' daycare was closed for the day. We had a good time playing at home and running some errands. I bought James some new Legos because he's been having such a great time building with the others. The regular Legos are too "old" for him, I knew he needed the bigger ones because they're easier to snap together and build. James made this "tower" and was very proud!

Tuesday night
I was prepping veggies for my salads and saw James playing with his food in the background. He was having a great time dipping carrots in ranch dip.

James picked up his golf clubs tonight and took a few swings!

Bedtime. I had James help take off his own clothes. He's pretty independent and likes to try these kinds of things now.

And then he put his dirty clothes in the hamper. He's very clean sometimes.

We turned off the lights to read books. James started to tell me his own stories...

One of James' best Valentine's gifts was a book from Grandma Rosie. He has insisted on reading it every night, at least twice. It's a book that has Grandma's voice recorded, reading the book as he turns the pages.

What a great weekend!