Wednesday, February 3, 2010

V-Day is near!

Grandma Laura came over for dinner on Monday night. Uncle Joe and Shannon too!

We knew that this snowman was perfect for Grandma Laura. James seemed very proud of it!

Tuesday night-
James and I played with his cars. He seems to really enjoy them a lot more lately.

I sometimes become very fascinated with James' eyes. Pictures just can't do them justice.

Another incident form. James just bumped his head. It left a small mark (that's already gone) and I know they're obligated to tell us. No big deal!

I wonder if James ate the au gratin potatoes?

I hope James understands he's the Prince and not the King of the Castle. And I can't wait to see this Family Crest!!

So James just can't wait for Valentines day. I've already bought his candy heart box and I'm so excited to give it to him! All of these holidays have been much more fun now that he gets the hype at school and is at an age where he kind of understands what is going on!

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