Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So far, so good

Jimmy is out of town again, so we are making the most of it. James and I spent some time playing, watching just one TV show snuggled together, and then he "played instruments" on my iPhone (piano and drum apps).

Bathtime was fun because he was in a very pleasant mood.

This Spanish thing is really one of the best things for him. He practices his colors every chance he can get. Every day when we leave his classroom, we pause to look at this poster of animals/colors and he goes over each color in English and then Spanish. One of the daycare workers overheard and told us that she observed a Spanish class and that he is doing so well! I knew this :)

At today's bath he randomly started saying "Buenos Dias", so we started to greet the ducks. I told him the word for duck- pato- and he kept telling the ducks, "Buenos Dias, Pato!" He liked the sound of the word, I think.

"Buenos dias, Pato!"

Ummm, my child has a hairy back. This came up at the daycare's Beach Day last month. The teacher Sheana told me that one of James' friends noticed James' hairy back when they were all wearing their swim trunks and made a comment.

I think it's cute.

After the bath we rushed to his room for socks and warm pjs!

It was such a quiet, cozy time after the bath. James was content to read his book with me and he went to bed with no fuss. I'm hoping for a quiet morning... those are always the hardest with Dada!

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