Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lotsa snow

Jim is snowed in! He tried leaving Pennsylvania yesterday but his flight was canceled. He had a whole big ordeal trying to find a hotel and a ride to the hotel. Pretty much the whole area was shut down, not knowing what to do with so much snow! Poor Jim. Stuck out of town for an extra day. I hope he makes it on the flight tonight. He has boarding passes, so it looks good.

James and I are surviving well enough but we miss Jim terribly. I haven't been sleeping well because I imagine strange noises throughout the house, like its getting broken into or something. I was awake at 2am, 4am, 5am, and then finally giving up at 5:30. James asks for his Dada and I'll tell him he's on a trip, and James will say, "Oh okay. He on a plane." He'll be very happy to see his Dada though!

I don't think our snow compares to the East Coast's load, but I've needed to shovel our driveway twice now because the snow plow has piled it up at the end of the driveway. It's not easy to shovel when you have an active 3 year old in the house. I left him for a few minutes at a time to shovel, peeking in at him as he was content watching his show. He was fine, of course!

I haven't had too much trouble with James. He really only whined/misbehaved one night when I was on the phone with my friend Erin. Erin laughed because she could him in the background saying something like, "I don't like that Mama!" I think it was because I denied him cookies for dinner. Silliness.

Some really great things that James has said or done-

He recited the entire alphabet in Spanish to Jim over the phone last night! I was truly amazed. He's done this a couple of times, but not on command and not with whatever little song at the end. I didn't catch the words but I'm anxious to see if I can get them from the Spanish teacher.

Yesterday morning James was looking out the car window, on the way to daycare, and he told me, "Mama! I build a spaceship and go to the moon!" I love that he dreams big :)

This morning James told me, "Mama! Look at the beautiful colors way up high!" He was showing me a beautiful sunrise. I'm so glad to see these things, probably something that I would have missed because I'm so one-track in the morning, getting James to his daycare safely and then myself to work on time. Its a wonderful thing to see the world through his eyes.

Last night James peed again on the potty! "Just like Arthur", he told me. I love that Arthur! James' sticker chart is filling up! The Elmo sticker at the very top was last night's addition.

Speaking of Arthur, one day I picked up James from daycare and I was talking to the teacher. I saw that a little girl named Daria was following James around on the playground equipment and I asked her, who are James' friends? She said that during the day you just don't see Daria, James, and Arthur without each other. It's either two of them together, or all three doing their thing. This morning James was chatting about his friends in the car and I asked him about his "best friends" and he told me that they are Arthur, Daria, and Russell. So cute.

And last, speaking of friends, James has a bunch of Valentines all ready to be delivered to his friends at daycare. I spent a little time last night addressing them to all the kids in his class and attaching Star Wars pencils and Hershey's kisses! I kind of dread the amount of candy that I think will be coming home with James on Friday!

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