Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cultural Fair Spring 2015

May 2015. Still working on it.

So in May we attended james' cultural fair. It felt a little different this year. His classroom didn't seem to have a country that they studied. It was just a collection of their work from the year. No matter. It's always nice to see what James is up to at school!


The day's learning targets were still on the board.



I spy James!


And closer. He really has embraced that he's a beautiful brown, I guess! (I do stress that at home :)


His desk.



Oh my! He's messy!



SeƱora Middleton and James.


The parents were told to assemble in the gym for a short 2nd grade performance.





And we followed the music to the cafeteria for snacks and to watch dancing!


James did not dance. You know I would have captured that if he had!


Fun night :)

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