Wednesday, February 28, 2007


James broke his sleep through the night streak. He woke up at 3am for a feeding. I forgot that Jim had a job interview today and probably needed the sleep, and I let him go. I was having weird leg pains and not feeling well. Thank God for Jim's willingness to do anything and everything with James. I might be the organized one (bottles, washing clothes, nursery) but Jim is hands on and so wonderful with James.

I heart Jim!

I can't stop smiling at James this morning. He is the cutest! He's been in a great mood, laughing and "talking" with me. I can't believe that this little baby is ours to love forever :)

The picture above is from last night. James is doing very well with sitting in the Bumbo seat and keeping himself content. This morning I was able to clean a little and get organized for work while James sat in the Bumbo and watched. I might use it more often to get things done then! I can probably sit him in the seat while I cook dinner, talking and explaining to him how to cook :)

Jim has three interviews this week. Good luck to Jim!

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