Monday, February 12, 2007

Home & Sick

I've stayed home today from work because Jim is sick! He has been feeling miserable since Saturday. I guess part of being a Mom is taking care of the whole family- I know Jim can take care of himself but he still needs TLC. And with Jim being sick, he couldn't take care of James during the day. Jim has actually isolated himself in the bedroom to avoid getting James and myself sick. I can't imagine Baby James being sick YET- oh what a cranky baby he would be!

Well the latest James news is that he slept for NINE hours last night! Again, too bad that it was from 6:45pm-3:45am. I just can't get him to stay awake until 9 or 10pm. He has his own hours and he's sticking to them! So he woke up at 3:45 and then stayed asleep until 8am. Its like we were able to sleep in! :) It was one of those mornings when my internal alarm clock woke me up before James woke up. I was ready by 8am for the day.

So because I've taken care of James nonstop since Saturday, I'm once again familiar with his daytime routine. He is quite active during the day, napping only occasionally and not for very long (though sometimes he does nap for 1-2 hours). Taking care of James is a full-time job. He's such a happy baby though! It is fun to play with him but it leaves little time for anything else. I really don't know how Jim would have worked from home now. I think Jim started to realize this too...

I did put James into a new outfit today- 6-9 month size! It fits just fine. I thought it would be too big but it looks pretty good- just a little long in the sleeves and pants. He's such a big boy now!

I just made a whirlwind grocery store run. I bought Jim his orange juice, NyQuil, cough drops, chicken soup, popsicles, and Toll House cookies for a treat. I hurried because James was napping and Jim didn't want to have to pick him up, exposing him to germs. Everything was fine, James was still napping when I got home.

James should be waking up soon for his late morning bottle.

Again, please see our new pictures in Baby Album "3 Month Professional Pictures" and "February". I think there's also a new video that I added this weekend.

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