Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vote No

I find it interesting that there are some people who cannot be supportive of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) rights until they have someone in their family or a very close friend who comes out as gay. I don't know when my moment came to me, because I didn't have gay family members or friends who were gay growing up.

Maybe it was working with really awesome gay students.

Maybe it was watching my school district get sued after six gay students committed suicide in just one year because of bullying.

Maybe it just comes naturally as a person of color, wanting everyone to be treated equally and fairly.

Or maybe it's just the right thing to do.

But right now what is driving my vote?

This precious child.

You see... I don't know who he is going to love yet.

He's already had his first girlfriend.

But he's also told me he's gay!  (Not really.  Click on the link.)

Why would I vote yes on an amendment that could hurt my son one day when I don't even know who he is going to love yet!?

If James is your grandson, your nephew, or you're friends with me and you know James to be the sweet little boy that he is- how could you deny him (or anyone else!) his right to love one day?

I hope James and all children can be your reason for Voting No this November.

Until then I am surrounding my family with...


Positive influences.

Great teachers.

And I'm going to let my neighbors know how I feel too.

One day I hope James will read this and know that I had his back.

He truly makes my heart happy. Or feliz as he is saying now :)

¡Te amo, James! I can't wait for you to fall in love and be happy!

Pledge to Vote No here:

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  1. Great blog post, sis! Please let me know if it's okay to re-post. (I would only do so with your permission). I love the positive message of love and acceptance, we'd be happy to share it with others. I understand if you'd like to keep it private.

    I'm so glad James is being raised in such a positive environment. I love you all! xoxo