Tuesday, September 4, 2012

KStart meeting

We were assigned a 45 minute block of time today to meet the teacher, hear more about the program, get our questions answered, and get James used to his classroom a bit more. We were very prompt with our bags of supplies!

The teacher showed us an example of the morning meeting, read the kids a book in Spanish, and then asked the kids to color while the parents viewed her PPT.

Really? Another picture?

Read aloud. I like that the teacher is very animated, even though I don't think the kids know a word of what she is saying!

James chose to sit with the girls. Ladies man!

Actually, I was a bit worried about him. He didn't follow the instructions well. I mean, he tried. He wanted to color the bear brown but all the brown crayons were gone. He just sat. And looked sad. He didn't know he could ask for help. I had to go over to him and help him solve the problem. I'm hoping he'll be able to speak up for himself in the future. I mean, I know he will. He did well at New Horizon. He'll just need a bit of time to be sure of the teacher and his classmates.

Anyway, we dropped off our supplies. The supplies are for the community. I guess they are handed out as needed?

So we had most of our questions answered...

Kindergarten is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

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