Friday, December 28, 2012

Sneaky Presentación

James had some serious homework, with a serious deadline. We procrastinated a little but we knew what James was going to do, I was confident that I had the craft materials we needed, and we wanted a weekend night to do it.


James set to work. He didn't have a clear idea of what he wanted to do right away, but as it started to take shape he then had some ideas he wanted to implement in his diorama.

His finished project! We tried not to be those parents that did everything for him. I did have to take charge of the hot glue gun. I did need to upload and order the photos. But James had a hand in picking the pictures he wanted to include, the placement, and the choosing of the little items we placed in the diorama.

The parents were invited to the class presentacións and holiday party on the last Friday before Christmas. It's a difficult time to get away from work but we were sure glad to get there. James' little face was so anxious to catch sight of us. He was THRILLED that we came. I paid special attention to his friend Henry because he was disappointed not to see his parents. He looked so letdown. It was sad. I'm sure his parents had jobs they couldn't get away from or something. It just made me determined to always make sure at least one of us can attend these kinds of events. I'm thankful for a flexible job!

The kids were seated at their tables, with their dioramas in place. The kids did not have to make their presentations in front of everyone (like I thought) but instead it was open house style. We were asked to circulate in the classroom and ask the students to recite their memorized lines.

James looked so proud and confident.

It was a busy place but I think you can hear his presentación just fine!


After we heard James' presentation a few times (for us and those around us) we started to drift around the room to check out the other kids' work.

Yule log on the classroom smartboard.

George's Mom stopped to listen to James.

Another girl had a diorama about her duende (elf)!



The kids were asked to color and cut out gingerbread houses for a treat bag village. James quickly set to work.

His table mate, Luis, did not. He was much too busy looking at everything, talking to everyone, and just lighting up the room. I love this little kid. But he cannot focus on one thing! He didn't finish his gingerbread house and the teacher came over and grabbed it up, looking a little frustrated.


An obvious holiday lesson on the white board...

The gingerbread village! While the kids played Bingo the treat bags were mysteriously filled with small treats!

James got pretty anxious playing Bingo. He really wanted to win. He didn't.

But a cookie made it all better!


Happy Holidays to Señora Kennedy's class!


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