Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just the three of us, Christmas Eve morning

Santa always comes on Christmas Eve morning around here, because we have several family celebrations in the next few days. James said his final goodbye to Sneaky and went to bed quite excited, but easily. No problems getting him to bed.

At 3am I woke up to the sound of presents being ripped open! James was about 4 presents in before I stood at the top of the stairs and told him to stop. It is nighttime, for Pete's sake!

Here's his damage...

So we made him go back to bed. Jim and I were talking and quite amused by James, and we couldn't go back to sleep either. So when James came back to us half an hour later, "not tired", we decided to just go for it.

At 3:40am James excitedly told us to start a "fila" (line) behind him to get to the presents!

We discovered a few things. James had ripped open a few of his presents but he also ripped through Dad's surprise present. This was baffling since he had HELPED me wrap it and should have recognized it. Oh well.

The other discovery was that the Lego train is remote controlled! OMG!

And last, the Prep and Landing elves forgot their night vision goggles AGAIN.

I love his excited reactions to big and small gifts. Nesquik! Awesome!

Chocolate bar! Yay!

Dad's surprise gift. Another Star Wars print for his Man Cave :)

A Ninjago sweatshirt from Mom and Dad!


Angry Birds puzzle! Sweet!

And when we were all done, and the stockings were empty, it was the perfect time to be silly. Stockings don't belong on your feet, silly! Mom and Dad were exhausted, amused, and happy that James was so happy!


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