Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Last Tuesday appointment

I had my last Tuesday appointment at the hospital this morning (that is, if I am induced next week!)

All is well. James is still measuring ahead by a week, at 8 lbs 5 ozs. He was sound asleep for the ultrasound so they asked me to get up, move around, walk, or use the restroom to get him awake. I was concerned because it was the first time he really had been uncooperative for that part of the hospital visit. He did wake up quickly and was then cooperative. He received perfect scores (as always) from the ultrasound tech, Gina. (Note to self: I really have to remember to send Gina a thank you card or gift, she was great all of these weeks!)

The next part was uneventful. James cooperated by kicking and moving around, fully cooperating before they were done with the paperwork. I was out of the hospital by 9:15.

I am NOT having contractions. The monitors would have detected that.

I will have to wait until Thursday to see if I am progressing in any other ways! Just think- James will be here by this time next week!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weird pain this a.m.

I was getting ready for the day, thinking I'd like to get some shopping done. Still getting ready for baby! So I had this cramping, pain in my back and belly. It took my breath away and I could hardly stand. It didn't last long and I tried to call for Jimmy. He was too far away (in the garage) and when I heard him re-enter the house I used the intercom system on the phone to get his attention. I just wanted to let him know I had a weird pain and was going to lie down to see if it went away. Of course, it did. I was able to walk 10 minutes later and I went shopping.

Its all real! I REALLY could go into labor any day!

Ana: I got my chonies!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

38 week appointment

I think my pregnancy hormones have kicked in because my doctor made me cry today- twice! She didn't have bad news or anything for me, she just made me wait for almost an hour for my appointment, I was hungry and a little sick to my stomach, and then she was rushed and kind of short with me. I guess I just wasn't in a good mood today. I had a short list of questions for her that I didn't get answered because she was in and out of the room in about 4 minutes.

Everything is fine with me and with James. Good heartbeat, good measurements, etc. I am only slightly dilated though. She did say that she would like to induce me at 39 weeks!! This is where the confusion started. 39 weeks is next week but she wouldn't tell me which day. She said to keep my normal appointment for next Thursday. So I have no clue when this induction would actually take place. I guess I barely turn 39 weeks next Thursday, so maybe she's thinking early the next week? November 6th? Of course, its all up to what my body naturally does on its own. If I go into labor before then, there's no induction confusion.

Poor Jim. I called him immediately after that appointment and started to cry on the phone. He wanted to call the clinic so I could talk to someone else. I just figure that I can talk to the nurses on Tuesday, who are the nicest and who will have more time. I should have used those pregnancy hormones today and got all high maintenance, demanding answers but frankly, I didn't have the energy. I feel much better now after I ate lunch but I'm still emotionally exhausted. I may go home to relax. I'm not very productive at work today anyway.

Well, sorry if this is a weird update. The news that wanted to share the most is that an end is in sight! I may be induced very soon! We are ready!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Only one week ahead!

I had my Tuesday hospital appointment today and everything is well. James was cooperative and we are both healthy. He is measuring at a little under one week ahead, putting him at an estimated 7 lbs 7 ozs. I asked if it was normal for a baby to be three weeks ahead, then two weeks, and now one week. The nurse said yes because babies go through growth spurts and then will progress normally. I guess James went through his growth spurt a little early and now he's near "normal".

I'm writing this from work. I'm determined to be productive this week because I think it will be my last REAL week of work. Next week I plan on taking it easy and playing the waiting game!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday hospital appt, 36+ wks

Today's appointment was LONG. James was cooperative and moving around at the beginning (ultrasound) but then must have fallen asleep because they weren't able to record his movements/heartrate accelerations very easily. It took a long time and I almost fell asleep from boredom! I'm not convinced they got the results they needed, but they let me go after an hour of lying there.

The ultrasound tech was a different person and didn't tell me much. The only useful thing he told me was that James is measuring at 37wks, 2 days. Which is only 4 days ahead. He said it wasn't his weight, but his actual body measurements. So James could still be on the chunky side!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

36 week doctor appointment

My Thursday appointment was postponed because Dr. Alexander had to leave for a delivery. I had my appointment on Friday instead. I didn't mind the postponement, thinking it could be me delivering next month!

First, I was weighed. According to their scale I lost 6 pounds since my last appointment. Ummm, no. I haven't gained or lost any weight. I think their scale is seriously screwed up because last week they told me I gained 7 pounds. I weigh myself at home and I'm pretty consistent day to day.

Then, they tell me they're going to test me for the Strep B test. I had to remind them that they already did that last week. They didn't believe me until they found some missing papers and my test results. (Negative- yay!)

Next, my doctor takes her sweet time getting to the appointment. I sat waiting, half-naked, for 25 minutes. Finally she comes in, flustered, and asking "The results of your MRI/CAT scan aren't here. From your hospital results you need them." I was so confused! I knew my hospital visits were going great and I had no idea what MRI tests she was talking about. I thought something was wrong. I told her that I hadn't heard about needing them... ? She looked at my charts more closely and realized that someone else's records were in my file, but with my name on them. THANK GOD. But poor pregnant girl who needs to get those tests, whoever she is. The doctor was glad she didn't divulge too much information and "scare me". Ha!

So then she does the regular examination and I'm great. Just a "fingertip dilated" which is normal. She then tells me that after the ultrasound we can figure out if she needs to induce me next week. WHAT?! I had to remind her that I'm only 36 weeks and she said that would happen at 39 weeks. Oh, her mistake. She thought I was further along.

I've always thought the doctor was a little scatterbrained, but maybe she was sleep deprived yesterday too? She just seriously didn't seem on the ball. I hope everything goes okay with her in the future. She's very nice. But I'm glad I know my weight, what tests I've taken, how far along I am, and what procedures come when!

I'm not blogging about this to worry anyone. I'm sticking with this doctor but it was an eventful appointment and something to write about! All is well and that's what counts, right?

Weekend plans: Not too much! We're celebrating Laura and Kathy's birthdays tomorrow morning with Sunday brunch. Happy Birthday to them!

Next week: M-O-M is coming to visit! Jim said this morning, "Wouldn't your Mom be thrilled if the baby came next weekend when she's here?" Oh yeah! I'd be full term but we can wait a couple of weeks :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday hospital appointment

I was out of the hospital this morning in a record ONE HOUR and 10 minutes! James was VERY cooperative and moving lots. The ultrasound only took minutes, and then the movement and heartbeat acceleration monitoring took about 15 minutes too. The nurse hadn't even finished her paperwork in the hospital room before James had kicked his required number of kicks. He has been moving around LOTS lately. He has normally been an evening baby, moving around the most around 9pm, but lately its during all moments of the day.

So the ultrasound revealed that James is still measuring 2 weeks ahead, at a healthy 6 lbs and 11 ozs. No worries!

Monday, October 9, 2006

James arrival, addition

I couldn't resist copying and pasting this email response from my Mom's co-worker at Wells Fargo. He received our email announcement and this was his response to the photos we sent.

Please also read the next journal entry for James' arrival email, Part One.

"Hello, Lisa, Rosemary, James Sr., Larry and the entire family,
Congratulations to you and your family for birth of your baby boy รข€“ James Jr. He is a precious blessing. He will always be my friend because he voted the same day that I exercised my first voting right in the United States.

Baby James Jr., your vote and mine made a great history because we won both house and sweep almost all the seats. We won the governorship too. In two years time, we need to do same for the presidential election.

Congratulations to the grand parents of James Jr."

Eric Idehen
Vice President, Community Development
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

35 weeks! Doctor appointment today

My doctor's appointment went well. I was tested for Group B Strep (article in Links area of this babysite) and the usual weight check, heartbeat check, belly measurement, glucose level review (she checks my logbook of my 4x/day blood tests), and I was checked for dilation today. I am NOT dilated and James' head is definitely down and "soft"- whatever that means.

So, in other words, all is good!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Tuesday weekly appointment and our anniversary

I had my weekly appointment this morning and same as always- James is perfect! He received perfect scores and was very, very cooperative. My ultrasound was only 10 minutes long today. He was doing the same cute things- lots of tongue action and hands balled up by his face. He was moving quite a bit this morning. James is now only measuring 2 weeks ahead- at a healthy 6 pounds, 4 ozs.

The next part of my appointment was pretty fast too. I was monitored for about 1/2 hour and then was free to go. They were very busy in the Labor & Delivery area, I think two babies were born while I was there. The nurse apologized that she wouldn't be able to chat with me today. She literally was in and out of the room every couple of minutes.

Monday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going out to dinner at Bella, a new restaurant in Blaine. It has a really pretty atmosphere and we ate well! We had calamari and spicy peppers for the appetizer, I had lobster ravioli and Jim had the pork tenderloin with lemon herb risotto and wild mushroom ragout. We shared :) And for dessert I had called ahead to have a special dessert brought out to us- a Chocolate Volcano cake with raspberry sauce- yum! On our honeymoon in Florida we were surprised by a "Happy Honeymoon" cake by the chef there, so I called and asked for a "Happy Anniversary" cake last night at Bella. We took this picture and a few more- they are in the Family Album on this babysite.

Other news: the nursery is done! I have a few little things that I need to organize and/or buy but all the important things are there! It looks great. There is just enough color in the nursery and its very cheerful :) I like to sit in there to relax and think about James.

New pictures in the Baby Albums AND Family Albums! Also, if you haven't seen them yet, there are two new pictures from last week's ultrasound in the Ultrasound album. Warning: one is pretty scary/weird looking!!

Coming up this week: car seat inspection, the start of my weekly DOCTOR appointments, and writing up my birth plan.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sunday update

We made a Babies R Us stop yesterday to pick up the Diaper Champ. We are ready for dirty diapers! Okay, so we need to buy some diapers first but then we are officially ready :)

We also bought what could be James' coming home outfit (cute blue fuzzy overalls with football theme) and we also bought a Thanksgiving outfit. I'm excited about both outfits.

Another thing we purchased were Homer Hankys. Yes, James has one now. There was a line outside the Twins Pro Shop in Roseville, but Jim really wanted some hankies. I hope James likes baseball!

Just today we put together the swing and hung up the curtains and quilt. The room is done! I'd take pictures but I have quite the mess on the floor. I'm starting to wash clothes and bedding so I have everything in piles. Maybe by the end of today I will have the piles washed, put away, and the room will be ready for pictures. Check back soon!

Later: I did wash SIX loads of James' laundry- blankets, towels, clothes (0-3 months only), crib sheets, mattress pads, basically anything that comes into contact with James. I didn't get any pictures taken of the now cleaned up nursery. Frankly, I'm tired!

Also, Jim installed the car seat. We have a car seat inspection on Tuesday night. Its a big deal I guess!

Later this week: Our 2nd anniversary is tomorrow- Monday October 2nd! We're going out to dinner at Bella in Blaine. Yay!