Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Helper

Tuesday pancake balls are a tradition now. If Dad (Jim) is at his pool night, James and I enjoy pancake balls for dinner. Some nights he wants in on the action. I measure, he whisks. We're a great team!


More Fun

So after spending the night at Grandma Rose's James got home and spent pretty much the entire day putting together his Monster Train. His focus is amazing.


And the results! James was so thrilled!


He also is getting a lot of joy from his Angry Birds carry case and new Captain Underpants books. We started the first book right away and have now read the entire set! And the AB carry case comes in handy to get all those little birds and pigs put away and organized.


Yay! Thanks familia!


Happy Birthday Ana, Lisa, and James!

When I was little I used to have joint birthday parties with my sister Ana, since our birthdays are just 12 dayss apart. We always had Halloween themed parties and would invite our neighborhood friends for apple bobbing, piñatas, and Halloween decorated cake!

So my family had the idea to combine our birthdays with James too! And we all got to wear costumes! And James got to wear his Mario costume and show Grandma Rose- so he was thrilled!



Uncle Rich is a rock star and never told us! And Jim is a rapper. Who knew?!


There was a dance party. James would only dance with Grandma Rose.


But we all joined in.


Piñata time!



So when I looked through my pictures I saw this one. James could totally see! He wasn't blindfolded! Little stinker :)


Tia ChaCha took a crack at it. And killed it!


The mad scramble for candy. James only wanted the Hershey's bars. More for the rest of us big kids!


James swiped Grandpa Larry's mask. So spooky!


And there were presents! Of course! Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry bought this Monster Train for James. It totally fit the theme!


And the party was complete with a Halloween cake. Yum!




I don't think any of us minded sharing our birthday celebration! It was so much fun! Grandma Rose went all out!

Thank you to Tia ChaCha and Uncle Rich too for sharing the day, and for the great gifts!


Bedtime Fun

Where is James?? It is bedtime and I can't find him.


Yes, that was fun. Little dude likes hiding... and nudity.

Grandma Laura gave James this great book. We've read it a few times and it's really fun!


1st Grade P/T conferences

We had an evening appointment with Senora Sierra to discuss James' progress in 1st grade. We didn't have many questions or concerns. Actually, none.

And she didn't either! James is pretty quiet in class and can contribute more, but otherwise he is performing at his grade level already for most of his subjects. He enjoys math, science, and phy ed. He is a respectful and focused student. Yay!


This is his "león" that was hanging outside of his classroom.



James keeps a very neat desk.


We are so proud of James!


Big Spender

James saved a total of $125 from his allowances, family "donations", and loose change. His timing was excellent. He reached his goal at the same time the Nintendo 2DS system was released!

We were at Target on the release date. Surprisingly, no lines ;)

And James spots the systems!


Yes, this is a happy kid!


Thank you to Mom and Dad for contributing the extra few dollars and then tax. Oh, and for purchasing a pricey game so that he can play something on his new system.


James and his Dad set up the system.


And total happiness at last!


Goal reached!

I'm still very amazed that James was able to save that much money. It took a lot of self-discipline to not be distracted by Pokemon cards, Angry Birds, and other toys.


James took a small break from his 2DS to visit the dentist. No cavities! We're keeping an eye on one tooth but so far, so good!


1st grade art

In the first few weeks of school lots of artwork came home.

We never really figured out what this art piece meant. James ended up putting this in his bedroom, pointing the way to his Angry Birds calendar.



James told us that he is always thinking of us at school :)


Looks like a mountain climber to me. Or maybe someone exploring a volcano?




Family picture!


A worksheet from music class. We giggled a bit at this one.




Fall art.


The official 1st grade picture



Saturday, November 16, 2013

Go Vikings!

One day we joined Dad in watching a Vikings game. We were all wearing purple and sat down to watch.


I think that lasted 5 or so minutes before I got distracted... and James too.

We tried, Jim!



James is doing so well with his Spanish and reading. Here he reads one of his "books" and we are so proud of him.



James is definitely a saver.

When he is home he keeps this safe close to him. He hides it so "robbers don't get it".


It was a happy day to take his loose change to the bank to exchange it for crisp dollar bills. Actually it was more like $28.


Goal: $129 for a Nintendo 2DS!