Monday, January 31, 2011

Silly Spaghetti Face

James isn't sick anymore. He is still whiny and we're going to start the tough love again. He can't get used to whining and crying when he doesn't get what he wants. Tonight, luckily, he was happy with his dinner. He was playful with his spaghetti and we were just so glad that he was eating a healthy amount that we overlooked the messy, playing with food behaviors. He is four years old, after all!


At breakfast on Sunday James spontaneously bust out some stories. He just amazed me with his enthusiastic, talkative charm. If you can make sense out of some of these, well, you're good.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I snuck Blankie in the wash today and of course James noticed "his" absence. Tears. But he helped me put Blankie in the dryer, making the decision that he was too wet to hold. So we started the dryer. More tears a bit later. We checked on Blankie. Still too wet. So finally James became distracted and Blankie was able to go through the whole dryer cycle.

Yay! Blankie is returned to James and all is well. And then he wore him like a hat/scarf? Silly boy.

Ear Infections, Round 2

Did I ever explain that James is sick again? Thursday afternoon I went to pick up James, just like normal. When I got there they said, "Oh, we were just about to call you. James has a fever of 101.6" Oh no! So he couldn't go the next day because they have that rule of not having a fever within 24 hours of daycare.

In the car I called the doctor's office right away to make James an appointment for Friday morning. They had asked us to come back after 6 weeks to make sure his ears were clear, so I figured we'd just go early and then also rule out ear infections or whatever.

Well, he did have an ear infection. More antibiotics. A crabby child again. Poor baby.

I tried our trick of calling it the "doctor's office" and then offering to get ice cream again for following directions. He chose to have "warm chocolate milk" instead. Great! No problem.

Well, that changed to McDonald's for lunch. Fine too.

I think he's making this face because it's painful for him to eat. Canker sore. Poor baby!


If you've been to our house (especially after Christmas) you know that we have toys everywhere in the living room. Legos. Firetrucks. Superheroes. Puzzles. Etc.

A few weeks ago we bought these storage units at Ikea. We haven't had a chance to put them together because of our illnesses, business trips, and well, life. Jim made my day by just putting everything aside and just doing it today. We put them on each side of the fireplace. I thought they should be centered under each small window, but it didn't work out. I think they look just fine right up against the fireplace, symmetrical.

I really wanted some shelf space for James' lego ships and trucks. They were just thrown in Lego bins before and they would fall apart easily. Our four year old is pretty advanced with his fine motor skills but the legos are still too "old" for him, meaning he isn't really good at putting them back together sometimes. He gets frustrated easily. NOW they sit and look pretty too :) (Who knew I'd think Lego displays would be pretty in my living room?)

I ended up putting picture labels on the front of the bins. I showed James and I think he gets it.
He has a collection of Happy Meal toys and other figures that he calls "Superheroes".

His building set is in this bin. We need to revive his interest in this toy. It's pretty cool!
Puzzles and games.
So I'm hoping most of the toys will stay off the ground and stay somewhat organized. It will be nice to have the living room NOT look like a toy store :)

What's James doing NOW?

He's lying across my lap as he watches his show before bathtime and bedtime.

Did I ever mention he has another ear infection? He's been crabby, didn't nap, and won't really eat. And he has the hugest canker sore in his mouth. We have been very patient with this little boy...

What's James Doing NOW?

He's still enjoying his Christmas toys.

He already has a list for the Easter Bunny. SBJ help us (:

What's James Doing Now??

It was a late morning, James didn't stir until 7:45!! Amazing.

Waffles, his fave!

Playful. Funny. Charming. Lovable!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daycare News

Each day we empty out James' daycare folder for announcements, artwork, pictures, and any other updates. There was a lot in his folder and I just realized why today. Before I explain, here are some pictures of the artwork and things..

James' daily update-

It's not written down on the update, but he's been doing well with his potty training again. He goes through episodes of many accidents but lately he's been great.

Tissue paper cat. Maybe a tiger since they've had a jungle theme?

I THINK this is a safari hat. It looks like James drew a face on it though.

Zebra. The kids glued the stripes on themselves.

A picture from December, James and his buddies Luke & Russell.

There is an old Mac computer in the classroom. The students "sign up" for turns. I guess it's a favorite for all the kids, but especially James.

Handprint lions. I love the google eyes!

Macaroni Lion!

I love these handprint animals even though I know the teachers do the detail work.

Just a simple coloring page from a coloring book but James is improving with keeping in the lines :)

So the jungle theme is over and so is Miss Kelsey. James' teacher gave her 2 week notice on Tuesday night. I knew all along that she was always looking for another job, she was even asking me about open positions in my school district especially my specific job. She was a young teacher and there was a big difference between her and our favorite teacher ever, Mrs. Kathy. We noticed that the classroom was very disorganized and even chaotic at times. I wanted to give Miss Kelsey some time to adjust to her own classroom, but it was looking pretty bad.

So when she just didn't show up on Wednesday the kids missed her but I don't know if the parents or the staff missed her much. Everyone was really let down because she didn't say goodbye or have the decency to finish out the week for some closure. I guess she didn't show up for work, didn't return phone calls, nothing.

So now Mrs. Kathy is back in the classroom temporarily while they find another teacher. Here's hoping the hiring goes well and they find a quality teacher. We're going to enjoy some more time with Mrs. Kathy. She's already back in the classroom and changing things up!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just the Two of Us

When Jim is out at pool, I try and do something special with James (provided I'm healthy, of course). Tonight we made chocolate waffles and James actually tried them and liked them. I was shocked!

Afterwards we played a bit and watched his two shows before bedtime. Two shows seems like a lot sometimes but James plays and half watches the shows lately. He is loving his Batman "castle", his Legos, firetrucks, and new "Army guys".

I couldn't resist this shot of his bottom. I think it's hilarious to watch him, he delights in being naked sometimes and his little bottom is so cute. I can say that as his Mother :)

His hair is getting long so I had some fun with a shampoo mohawk.

This is his obligatory, "take the picture Mom!" smile.

Bathtimes haven't been going very well lately. There is always some reason to cry. Tonight was different. He went into the bath in a good mood and I just kept a good reading of his mood. If he didn't like something (too much scrubbing, too much water, etc.) I distracted or changed gears. It was a short bath but we got through it with no drama.
The most fun part was wrapping him in a big towel and carrying him "like a baby" into his room. He giggled and had so much fun. We played for a little bit with the towel and he was so happy. It makes me happy too.

I love this little boy when he is playful and happy especially!

What's James doing NOW?

We are enjoying breakfast for dinner. Chocolate waffles! Spoiled (:

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I missed my Sweet Baby Nene when I was sick. I missed hugs and kisses, and cuddle moments like this one that Jim captured last night. (Thank you, Jiminy.)

I never knew I'd be one of those kiss-on-the-mouth-Moms but I am. And I'm going to stay that way until he gets too embarassed, I suppose. He'll always need to kiss me goodbye and tell me he loves me, like when I drop him off at school or whatever when he's older, but I guess the mouth kisses will stop soon enough. I don't like kissing anyone else on the mouth, so don't try it! And I think they are reserved for just me and my sweet baby. He still gives me "Kiki kisses" too.

I love my Baby.

Here is Jim, setting a good example lately with his book. He is loving reading. It goes to show you that when you find a book on a topic that you love (pool, for Jim) that it's worth reading!

James and Jim enjoy some computer time. I've never seen both of them balanced on Jim's ball chair, so I thought it was pretty funny.


Indoor winter activities are hard. When we decided to head to the Mall of America, we were excited for James because he'd get to see the remodeled LegoLand and hopefully he'd be brave enough for some rides at the Nickelodeon park.

Wow! He was so excited to get on a ride!

We chose a Diego Adventure ride. It was this safari bus with lots of rows, and adults fit too so the three of us found our seats. It looks like a small little ride, but it went pretty high up and around pretty darn fast. I was feeling a little woozy myself!

"Mommy, this is fun!"

James was very excited to see this mural. He just saw a Diego epiosode with the Mama Sloth.

We saw LegoLand in the distance and thought we could stop for a quick visit. We had promised James one "small box" of Legos. Those Lego sets can get pretty expensive so we thought if we kept it small, it would be about $10-$15. James immediately focused on a (large) SW Lego set with the Wampa Beast. Luckily we found a small box of Toy Story "army guys" and he was so happy. We thought we got off pretty easy at the end :)

The remodeled store is much improved, I think. The layout is really wide open and all the toy sets are on the far walls. There is lots of space for the crowds, and some new Lego statues.

So we found our Lego set and then James considered the day done. We tried to walk through the rest of the Nickelodeon park but James just wanted to go home and put together his Lego set. We spent a total of one hour at the MOA. It was a shame but next time we know to buy the toy LAST.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mommy Update

I didn't mean to take a break. I WISH I had been on a break. Hawaii again. Mexico? Greece.... Ahhhh. We were all sick over the Christmas break that I had from work. I think it was the first day back to work that I had to go home and help with James and his ear infections. That week was about James and getting him better. We were still trying to get him better as of last week (finishing up his antibiotics, giving him random doses of Motrin for crankiness/possible ear pain and his sore throat) when I suddenly felt sick on Wednesday.

I was at work and felt faint. My secretary friend told me I looked PALE. (That actually snapped me out of feeling sick because I wanted to look in the mirror to see what pale looked like on me. Ha!) I ended up going home sick. I was home sick for SIX FREAKING DAYS with the flu. I didn't have the best of timing with Jim out of town on a business trip.

Next time I will reach out to my Mom or friends for help. I seriously laid around the house for the first few days with nothing to help me. I didn't take medicine. I didn't eat or drink much. I just laid in bed and shivered. I got up to take James to daycare and set my alarm to pick him up. Luckily he was an angel child and let me "rest" on the couch during his awake hours with me.

Jim came home on Saturday night and we were glad to see him, more than usual I suppose! He quickly took over with James and let me rest one complete day in bed, no responsibilities. It was nice and much needed. The next day I finally got out of bed and started to get ready for life again. I've now been up and moving around, still a little weak but definitely feeling better.

My present from Vegas made me feel better :) Jim remembered the Venetian glass store at the Venetian Hotel and found a beautiful necklace. It was the right pick me up after a horrible week.

Today I found a banana tree/fruit basket and filled it with plenty of Vitamin C. I told Jim that we are loading up and keeping illness away! We are DONE PLEASE for the season.