Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mommy Update

I didn't mean to take a break. I WISH I had been on a break. Hawaii again. Mexico? Greece.... Ahhhh. We were all sick over the Christmas break that I had from work. I think it was the first day back to work that I had to go home and help with James and his ear infections. That week was about James and getting him better. We were still trying to get him better as of last week (finishing up his antibiotics, giving him random doses of Motrin for crankiness/possible ear pain and his sore throat) when I suddenly felt sick on Wednesday.

I was at work and felt faint. My secretary friend told me I looked PALE. (That actually snapped me out of feeling sick because I wanted to look in the mirror to see what pale looked like on me. Ha!) I ended up going home sick. I was home sick for SIX FREAKING DAYS with the flu. I didn't have the best of timing with Jim out of town on a business trip.

Next time I will reach out to my Mom or friends for help. I seriously laid around the house for the first few days with nothing to help me. I didn't take medicine. I didn't eat or drink much. I just laid in bed and shivered. I got up to take James to daycare and set my alarm to pick him up. Luckily he was an angel child and let me "rest" on the couch during his awake hours with me.

Jim came home on Saturday night and we were glad to see him, more than usual I suppose! He quickly took over with James and let me rest one complete day in bed, no responsibilities. It was nice and much needed. The next day I finally got out of bed and started to get ready for life again. I've now been up and moving around, still a little weak but definitely feeling better.

My present from Vegas made me feel better :) Jim remembered the Venetian glass store at the Venetian Hotel and found a beautiful necklace. It was the right pick me up after a horrible week.

Today I found a banana tree/fruit basket and filled it with plenty of Vitamin C. I told Jim that we are loading up and keeping illness away! We are DONE PLEASE for the season.

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