Saturday, January 29, 2011


If you've been to our house (especially after Christmas) you know that we have toys everywhere in the living room. Legos. Firetrucks. Superheroes. Puzzles. Etc.

A few weeks ago we bought these storage units at Ikea. We haven't had a chance to put them together because of our illnesses, business trips, and well, life. Jim made my day by just putting everything aside and just doing it today. We put them on each side of the fireplace. I thought they should be centered under each small window, but it didn't work out. I think they look just fine right up against the fireplace, symmetrical.

I really wanted some shelf space for James' lego ships and trucks. They were just thrown in Lego bins before and they would fall apart easily. Our four year old is pretty advanced with his fine motor skills but the legos are still too "old" for him, meaning he isn't really good at putting them back together sometimes. He gets frustrated easily. NOW they sit and look pretty too :) (Who knew I'd think Lego displays would be pretty in my living room?)

I ended up putting picture labels on the front of the bins. I showed James and I think he gets it.
He has a collection of Happy Meal toys and other figures that he calls "Superheroes".

His building set is in this bin. We need to revive his interest in this toy. It's pretty cool!
Puzzles and games.
So I'm hoping most of the toys will stay off the ground and stay somewhat organized. It will be nice to have the living room NOT look like a toy store :)

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