Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daycare News

Each day we empty out James' daycare folder for announcements, artwork, pictures, and any other updates. There was a lot in his folder and I just realized why today. Before I explain, here are some pictures of the artwork and things..

James' daily update-

It's not written down on the update, but he's been doing well with his potty training again. He goes through episodes of many accidents but lately he's been great.

Tissue paper cat. Maybe a tiger since they've had a jungle theme?

I THINK this is a safari hat. It looks like James drew a face on it though.

Zebra. The kids glued the stripes on themselves.

A picture from December, James and his buddies Luke & Russell.

There is an old Mac computer in the classroom. The students "sign up" for turns. I guess it's a favorite for all the kids, but especially James.

Handprint lions. I love the google eyes!

Macaroni Lion!

I love these handprint animals even though I know the teachers do the detail work.

Just a simple coloring page from a coloring book but James is improving with keeping in the lines :)

So the jungle theme is over and so is Miss Kelsey. James' teacher gave her 2 week notice on Tuesday night. I knew all along that she was always looking for another job, she was even asking me about open positions in my school district especially my specific job. She was a young teacher and there was a big difference between her and our favorite teacher ever, Mrs. Kathy. We noticed that the classroom was very disorganized and even chaotic at times. I wanted to give Miss Kelsey some time to adjust to her own classroom, but it was looking pretty bad.

So when she just didn't show up on Wednesday the kids missed her but I don't know if the parents or the staff missed her much. Everyone was really let down because she didn't say goodbye or have the decency to finish out the week for some closure. I guess she didn't show up for work, didn't return phone calls, nothing.

So now Mrs. Kathy is back in the classroom temporarily while they find another teacher. Here's hoping the hiring goes well and they find a quality teacher. We're going to enjoy some more time with Mrs. Kathy. She's already back in the classroom and changing things up!

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