Friday, January 27, 2012


 Be careful what you wish for!  I was hoping for an exciting weekend but this is too much.  

Jim smelled gas.  I agreed.  We evacuated to Grandma Laura's while Jim called the gas company and waited for them to arrive.  Several hours later James and I received the okay to return.  We found several trucks and a backhoe digging up our yard.  Goodbye landscaping!  James was thrilled to stay up so late (11:30) and to see the chaos.  Jim and I?  Not so much!

I put on some coffee for Jim.  That's what Ma always did on LHOTP when Pa got bad news... !

Thursday, January 12, 2012


 James told me he was never going to be happy again... Until he gets the Lego Joker Castle.  Spoiled!  I let him wallow in his sadness but he quickly perked up and made his own Lego creation.  This pleased me.

 It is a movie theater!  He made rows of seats and even included boxes of popcorn (yellow)!  Oh and a large trash can for after the movie.

 Please no one buy him the Legos.  He is truly okay.

Swimming Day 2

Going well!  Jim took James to the last lesson so I don't have descriptions for each of these pictures but it looked like fun!






Sunday, January 8, 2012


We don't know if he's sick but he's been very chill all day, a little groggy looking.  A quick temperature check was normal.  Watching TV with a Lego catalog close by (:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Foss Swim School, First Lesson

James started his swim lessons tonight at Foss Swim School.  I've always considered this the fancy pants place to bring kids to swim.  I was a nanny one summer and took the kids back and forth to their swim, tennis, and art lessons.  I guess that impression just stuck with me.  Anyway... James did so much better at this lesson.  We tried the YMCA two years ago but he was pretty timid and didn't want to follow along, just play.  Tonight the kid/instructor ratio was much lower, James is a much more mature boy, and he's had some water experience since so all went well

He surprised us by walking right up to the pool and climbing in!

You can see all of the parents hanging around the pool's edge like groupies.

Hanging on the edge and kicking!

A little platform in the middle.  The boys loved jumping on it.  I just kept imagining James slipping off into the water that's as tall as him, the instructor being busy with another kid, and me then having to jump in and save him.  We are all lucky it didn't come to that!

Face in the water!  Already!!!

Back float.  They told us to work on this in the tub :). We also bought the cute goggles for the tub!

James has always had baths.  We used the pool shower to get clean.  He squealed happily.  Showers may need to be introduced!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas isn't over!

Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie sent a nice Christmas card and money.  I took James to Target and he helped me spend the money all on him (:  He would have gladly spent the money all on toys but his responsible parent found some fun but practical items for him.  He was very helpful in picking the accessories to redecorate his bathroom.

The ocean theme compliments his new pirate bath toys too!

I'm replacing the sand picture with a picture of himself in his pirate Halloween costume.

We also found a great Pirate Lego set.  One thrilled little boy!  (Video to come soon.  We keep talking about making one to show Grandpa :)

Oh and a new Lego Ninjago shirt & a Star Wars swimsuit.  James has lessons starting tomorrow!

See?  Christmas wasn't over!


I knew the boys were downstairs together but I didn't know what they were up to.  I saw and ran upstairs for my camera quickly.  Glad to capture these!

I wonder if James will take to pool?