Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dreaming of cookies

James has been sleeping so much better. I will hate if I just jinxed us by writing that!

Last night I checked on James at about 10pm, right before I went to bed. He had rolled over, so his blankets were half under him and half on top of him. I gently pulled one of the blankets out and he rolled over slightly and mumbled, "Cookie..." I almost laughed out loud! I finished settling the blankets on him and he mumbled "Cookie.." again. So cute!

James must have had great dreams about cookies! He sure loves them. I think I've started a bad habit... Whenever we stop at Target for groceries or random items, he loves it. He will shriek "Target! Shopping! Cookie!" Yes, Target, like Cub Foods, gives a free cookie to kids. I take advantage of this most of the time because it helps keeps James busy in the cart while I shop. Sometimes I bring my own snack or I distract James with a random item (peanut butter jar or something like that) but the cookie is his favorite obviously!

We went shopping today at the mall. Jim had something to return to Macy's and I knew that James is growing out of his pants. The next size up is 3T and they seem SO LONG, but I know he'll grow into them in no time. He also needs some elastic waists because Sandra is teaching him to dress himself and be more independent. He doesn't do it for us, of course, but he is able to pull on his own pants, put on his boots, and put on his jacket! He does the neat trick of laying the jacket right side up, but upside down, he shoves his arms in the arm holes, and then flips the jacket up and over his head, and it falls into place. Its hard to describe and imagine, but it works.

So anyway, we found a few pants and then I also remembered that Grandma Julie had sent some sporty 3T pants, so I think we're good for a bit. We also found some VERY COOL spring/summer pajamas- STAR WARS LEGO! Wow! We would have paid almost anything for them, but lucky for us they were half off. Woohoo!

Everyone needs to laugh like this

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uh Oh

Dada is sick now. Jim came down the stomach flu too on Monday. He worked from home that day and was feeling queasy when I got home from work/daycare with James. He went to lay down and we didn't see much of him after that. Jim worked from home again today but while sick. I'm glad his job is understanding.

With Dada out of commission, James and I played and kept each other company. There was some TV, some drawing, some playdoh. The pictures below are of James and playdoh. He got the great idea to stack the balls of playdoh to make a "snowman". He also learned a new color- pink!

I took James to the doctor today because he has had some funky smelling breath lately. If you search online, you could alarm yourself with medical information and self diagnosis. I refuse to do that anymore. I could worry myself silly. So we went to the doctor and it turns out that his tonsils are fine, his stomach, heart, lungs are normal, his eating and bathroom habits are all pretty typical for a two year old, so we ruled out a lot of things. James just needs to brush his tongue more :) So we leave it at that. James picked out two new toothbrushes at Target- Cookie Monster and Dora! He was very excited to open them but not too excited to let me attack his tongue!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A long weekend in pictures

This was Thursday, the first day James was sick. He was so sweet and mellow. He really didn't need to be this mellow, he thinks its fun to snuggle with a pillow and blanket. And of course watch TV.

On Friday morning, when he was quite normal, we went for a short trip to Target to get applesauce and Popsicles. He's sitting in his winter wear, waiting for Mama.

On Saturday, when I was still sick, I watched from the window as James and his Dada shoveled the driveway. Jim did most of it and then came inside to get James for the last bit of fun.

On Sunday Dada had to make an emergency diaper run and James got to play in the box. Fun!

This does NOT look like a sick little boy. He is quite well :)

Sunday night: All is quiet. Bedtime was quite easy again!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


James and I have been sick. On Thursday morning we found James in a crib full of vomit. My heart just broke thinking of the poor little guy sick through the night and then laying in his own vomit. I had to give him a bath immediately because it was all over his face, his hair, his hands... and I stayed home with him. Jim had an important work day, and I canceled my own work plans though I had to put James in the car that morning to deliver some materials to my coworker. Poor James vomited in the car :( He's such a good little boy... very mellow and calm all through his sickness.

When I talked to Sandra and called James in "sick" she told me that another of the kids was sick the last weekend and she had just found out from the parents, and also later that day I called to update her on James' progress, and she told me another kid threw up in the minivan. So it was a daycare sickness thing!

Jim came home at lunchtime that day, and I headed to work to meet my 120 students for our annual yearbook picture. I came home to the news that James was a good little boy all day- no problems, but the bad news was that he had thrown up all over his Dada that afternoon. Yuck.

So on Friday I stayed home with this sweet little boy. He was so good. So completely normal except he wouldn't eat or drink. (Slowly he's started to eat and drink now.) I ended up feeling sick during his naptime and ended up vomiting in the late afternoon. I was home with James, alone, so I would run to the small bathroom downstairs, do my thing, and then sink to the floor. As I laid there, James "helped" me. He came over to me and would say, "Help Mama" and extended his hand. He would help to pull me to an upright position. It was very cute, but I really just wanted to lay down on the floor and die! He also brought me several Ritz crackers, that he laid right by my head. Sweet boy.

I was truly miserable. I am so incredulous that James was such a sweetie during his whole sickness, because I was uncomfortable, in pain, and just miserable!

And tonight- a bedtime miracle! James cried at brushing his teeth, and his bath, but at bedtime I could hear him very sweetly telling his Dada "night night" and NO CRYING! None! Jim came down, also surprised by this change, and told me he is back to kissing his stuffed animals goodnight, laying down quietly, and saying goodnight. Wow! I hope this continues...

So I probably have tons of pictures and videos to post, but I switched to a new computer again and just don't have the energy to search for them. I will probably post again tomorrow?


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Grandpa Frank is here! He came to our house after his fishing trip, about 10:30 this morning. We had a quiet day at home.

After his naptime, Jim took James for a ride in the wagon. It was a beautiful mild day- almost spring-like :)

And then we heard a "Thump!" on the front door. Jim and James were throwing snowballs! I took these pictures from the safety of the front windows.

Uh oh! James spotted me!

A snowball at the window.

Another one!

And then Jim joins in the action.

Later, James and Grandpa share a laugh. I don't even know what they were laughing at. James really likes getting his Grandpa's attention!

After some homemade rocky road ice cream... bathtime! I tried to keep the pictures and video modest.

James always tries to drink the bathwater. Yuck.

Cute shampoo mohawk.

This is James right as he's saying "Die...Die...Die!" and then he splashes. He doesn't mean any harm, I don't think he knows the meaning of "die".

Bedtime has been easier. Just a little crying and then silence. Let's hope for a peaceful night especially since Grandpa is sleeping in the next room!

Tomorrow we're headed to breakfast and then the park.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Dada and James had a great day together on Friday. Sandra needed the day off so Dada stayed home. The boys met Grandma Laura for breakfast and then a quick visit to the Eagle's Nest. I heard from Grandma Laura and Jim that James was a well-behaved boy. Grandma Laura was pleased and happy to hear James call her "Grandma".

On Saturday we spent the morning at home. James tried on my shoes in the picture below.

This is how I left my boys in the late morning. I met my friend Erin for lunch and a movie, so Jim and James had more opportunity to play together.

Jim told me that James had a great time playing with his assorted cups, bowls, utensils, etc. He also golfed a bit, and would yell to Jim, "Watch this Dada!" and hit the ball.

Later tonight, James smiled and laughed with his Dada as they had a burping contest of sorts in the car. Burping! It all started with James burping and saying "Burp!" We laughed and that started the fake burps and announcements of "Burp!"

What a happy boy!

Potty training has been postponed. James refuses to sit on the potty. Well, we'll try again soon.

We came home from our errand and it was bedtime. James did well! We heard crying for one minute only and then he must have fallen asleep. I think he's finally learning that crying gets him nowhere. It was a hard lesson for ALL of US. Yay James!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bye Football

Its been a crazy week! Lots of work stuff and Grandpa Frank is visiting!

Well, just a quick post. I am so tired!

I made these cocoa krispie footballs for Jim's Superbowl party.

Debbie, Jim's friend, brought over this layered dip. The olive is a football!

James watches football.

Paul's daughter, Hannah, was so good with James! She played with and entertained James up until his bedtime.

James at bedtime. He always helps me pick up his dirty clothes and put them in the basket.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sleep update

James cried a bit at bedtime, but was sleeping within 20 minutes. He slept through the night and I had to wake him up at 7:30! He is happy happy happy this morning :) We are too!

We are getting ready for some football...