Saturday, April 23, 2011

Picture Day, continued

We have a cute little boy who takes cute pictures.

We liked them, enjoyed looking at them, but we won't be purchasing the pictures. We have plenty of pictures, and probably even cuter. Really, these companies try and rip you off with their prices. It's a shame.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Picture Day

James gave me a sneak peek of his Picture Day smile! He is wearing his "fancy" shirt and pants. They are fancy because of the buttons (he usually dislikes buttons, collars, etc.) and his jeans are actual snap and zipper closure! (he usually wears elastic waist)

How fancy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend I told myself that when James wanted to go outside, we would go outside. It was such nice weather and we needed the air. We hit the playground on Saturday morning after some errands. He looks so happy.

Later that day we played outside. James is getting quite good at t-ball! On Sunday he hit me with a ball so hard I think I might bruise. Owww.

He was even interested in his golf clubs. I do admit he wasn't as good as other years. It took him many swings to get back in the groove.

He just wouldn't get on his two-wheeler. I figured I'd get him used to pedaling and then wearing a helmet, and then maybe he'd advance up.

I thought the tree bark was pretty.

We only went inside tonight to eat. Yum.

Friday Night

I don't know what other people are doing on Friday nights, but we did all this...

Watched golf...

A satisfying dinner...

Child Labor

We are making James work. He is helping with laundry below.

He is actually very enthusiastic to do his little chores around the house. He has grabbed on to the idea of the chore chart because he knows he gets a toy. The chores go by too quickly and then it's time for another toy. I've told Jim that with our next chore chart we need to up his game. He needs to do more chores for a toy. I'm actually waiting to put a chore chart back up on the fridge until he asks for it. We need some time between toys.

Some of the "chores" he's done: clean up toys, do laundry, help with dishes, stay dry all day, use nice words/be good, pick up trash. I think we'll be adding "get dressed by himself" and use the potty by himself (he just likes us to tag along, he's pretty independent otherwise).

There's just so much to think about!

First Wedding

My friend Jolene was married on April 2nd. We went to the ceremony only at a country church in Hinckley, my hometown. James had never been to a wedding so we were curious whether he'd sit still and behave. Let me just say... there was a bribe involved so we hoped for the best. James busied himself with the bible in the church pew. He didn't stay too interested. No pictures, you know.

I kept telling James to look for the pretty lady in the white dress. When she walked by, James said, "There she is!"

Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry came to the wedding too. Jolene was often at my house during high school and she was like one of their daughters too. Poor thing. Hahaha. So Grandma Rose helped entertain James at the church. I'm glad none of us were sick because James made up this little game of blowing. Yeah, blowing. Weird kid :)

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!

April 1st. Happy Birthday to Uncle Joe! I'm not sure when this picture was taken- Jim sent it to me from his iPhone. I think it's funny! Bath time is definitely going a lot better.

On this day at daycare, Kaitlyn had a freak out because James almost left without a hug. She ran up behind him...

Gave him a hug....

And then shouted "Bye, Boyfriend!!!!!!!!"

I haven't been encouraging the relationship. This little girl is pretty obsessed with my son. It was cute at the beginning but I worry that she is smothering James at daycare. But maybe not. She is pretty aggressive though!

Tickle Monster

This moment was inspired by a very good book that Tia ChaCha gave to James. It came with its own tickle monster gloves but Daddy is pretty good at doing it without the gloves!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Daddy & the Playground

As nice weather and summer vacation approaches, I keep thinking of the past summers I've had with James.

Our first summer, June 2007, what a cutie!

And when I was watching Jim push James on the swings today, it reminded me of his first time at the playground. I dug up the picture and put them these side by side to see the difference in James. He's our life, our love. He makes our hearts happy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Where did March go?

I'm behind on blogging again. So rather than do many little posts I'm going to just put all of my favorite pictures from the middle of March to the end below. I'll try and comment on each picture so there's some background, but they are just general cuteness.

James "helped" me make a dessert of pudding, crumbled chocolate chip cookies, and assorted toppings (whipped cream, sprinkles).

He was very serious about his sprinkles.

His Daddy enjoyed a pudding too!

I know James is my child when he shows such enthusiasm for good food. Red grapes are the best!

We're back to enjoying bath time. What a relief!

Waiting for his two stories at bedtime.

Just playin'.

"My Mommy is the best cook!" I made James a mini homemade pizza. He took a few bites, but wasn't too impressed.

We love that James is starting to do chores and understand that he has to help around the house. Here Jim is showing James how to fold towels. He loved it!

"I did it all by myself!"

James left a Batman at Grandma Rose's house so one day we received a package with this note. I love that these are the same squiggly faces that I grew up with. My Mom is famous for her little squiggly faces! "You make my heart happy!" is a James saying. Grandma Rose loved hearing that from her little man!

Playing around the house.

One day James started to pick the flowers from my hibiscus tree. In this picture he was very proud to present me with a flower. I loved it too!


Before bathtime.

I don't remember why but James is crying for his Daddy in this picture. Jim was out of town, and James was asking for him.

Jersey and hat day at daycare. It occurred to me later that it was probably Twins gear but we weren't the only rebels that day. Lots of kids were in Vikings and Wild gear, not just the Twins (that fit the baseball theme of Open House Night.)

Bounce houses are fun!

James is playing "dead" with Ethan and Russell. I dislike that word coming out of his mouth!


James told us he was going to "work" in Daddy's office. We found that he folded all of the washcloths. Yay! Huge praise that day :)

One winter day, James and I went to the playground in our snowpants.

I hate snowpants but it was worth it to see this smile!

And this one.

And his pride in climbing to the top of the climbing wall.

And then we met the other James. Another family was at the playground and we found out that the other James was also four years old!

In the car, going back home, James told me, "Mommy, that boy was James too. He was four years old too. And he's a heartbreaker." Haha. I think James has heard others calling HIM a heartbreaker so many times (because of his beautiful eyes), that maybe he just thinks all James' should be heartbreakers!

Funny- on the potty with goggles!

I took a picture of the day's journal entry. Each day the kids practice their letter or number of the day, and their names.

Meow! Cute artwork that I've promised to Tia Kiki.

There is no such thing as taking too many pictures of my adorable son! I hope this blog entry wasn't too overwhelming.