Monday, April 4, 2011

Where did March go?

I'm behind on blogging again. So rather than do many little posts I'm going to just put all of my favorite pictures from the middle of March to the end below. I'll try and comment on each picture so there's some background, but they are just general cuteness.

James "helped" me make a dessert of pudding, crumbled chocolate chip cookies, and assorted toppings (whipped cream, sprinkles).

He was very serious about his sprinkles.

His Daddy enjoyed a pudding too!

I know James is my child when he shows such enthusiasm for good food. Red grapes are the best!

We're back to enjoying bath time. What a relief!

Waiting for his two stories at bedtime.

Just playin'.

"My Mommy is the best cook!" I made James a mini homemade pizza. He took a few bites, but wasn't too impressed.

We love that James is starting to do chores and understand that he has to help around the house. Here Jim is showing James how to fold towels. He loved it!

"I did it all by myself!"

James left a Batman at Grandma Rose's house so one day we received a package with this note. I love that these are the same squiggly faces that I grew up with. My Mom is famous for her little squiggly faces! "You make my heart happy!" is a James saying. Grandma Rose loved hearing that from her little man!

Playing around the house.

One day James started to pick the flowers from my hibiscus tree. In this picture he was very proud to present me with a flower. I loved it too!


Before bathtime.

I don't remember why but James is crying for his Daddy in this picture. Jim was out of town, and James was asking for him.

Jersey and hat day at daycare. It occurred to me later that it was probably Twins gear but we weren't the only rebels that day. Lots of kids were in Vikings and Wild gear, not just the Twins (that fit the baseball theme of Open House Night.)

Bounce houses are fun!

James is playing "dead" with Ethan and Russell. I dislike that word coming out of his mouth!


James told us he was going to "work" in Daddy's office. We found that he folded all of the washcloths. Yay! Huge praise that day :)

One winter day, James and I went to the playground in our snowpants.

I hate snowpants but it was worth it to see this smile!

And this one.

And his pride in climbing to the top of the climbing wall.

And then we met the other James. Another family was at the playground and we found out that the other James was also four years old!

In the car, going back home, James told me, "Mommy, that boy was James too. He was four years old too. And he's a heartbreaker." Haha. I think James has heard others calling HIM a heartbreaker so many times (because of his beautiful eyes), that maybe he just thinks all James' should be heartbreakers!

Funny- on the potty with goggles!

I took a picture of the day's journal entry. Each day the kids practice their letter or number of the day, and their names.

Meow! Cute artwork that I've promised to Tia Kiki.

There is no such thing as taking too many pictures of my adorable son! I hope this blog entry wasn't too overwhelming.

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