Saturday, March 10, 2012

65 degrees, man!






James traced me (or he tried to.) I look like Africa.


We're making an attempt to get James on a bike. He's resisted everytime we've tried and now his bike is too small. We're excited to go bike shopping. I don't know about James though...


Watercolors. Food dye and water in squeeze bottles. We had a great time!



I'm sure our neighbors were like WTF?



Greater Midwest Lego Train Club

We finally made it to the "Lego museum". I think we'll be heading back ASAP thou unfortunately that won't be until June. This Lego club is only open the 2nd Saturday of every month but they'll be relocating these next few months to a bigger location. It is operated by Lego enthusiasts, or Geeks (:

James reacting to his first sighting of the Lego city-


There were huge card tables set up with Lego creations, all with railroad tracks around them. I guess Lego enthusiasts are allowed to bring their Lego trains to this place and they'll run them on the track. That could be fun for James in the future, if he ever gets into trains.

So we walked around the perimeter and admired all the Legos.




There were windows or peep holes that James enjoyed looking into- usually mini figures were hiding in them.






Awwww. This reminded us of Tia Kiki and Tio Berto.


This was my favorite little display. A bike trail with flowers and a river. Pretty.


Lego mountain!


The main Lego Geek.

The true Lego company does not put out military sets. This company, GMLTC or Brickmania, does make its own sets or weapon pieces. James didn't show too much interest.




James was excited to see SpongeBob!


This display was under construction. I guess they are recreating a St. Paul street with the Ordway and Landmark Center.

The Landmark Center- looks like they used some Harry Potter castle parts (:



We spied Spiderman.


We bought some tiny pizzas from the retail area. They were $2 and I couldn't resist!





I was jealous of their organization and storage. A nice man told me this was 1/3 of their storage- there is more behind the scenes. But how lovely to organize by color and then shape. Of course our collection can't compare and maybe we would use six total drawers!


More storage.





The retail area. Pricey, hard to find sets and lots of miscellaneous small parts (like the pizzas we ended up buying.)


Spying the retail area, James was suddenly much more charming and willing to pose for a picture... Hmmmm...

Their own bricks- the weapons.



The place is run on donations. A free place? Wonderful! But James did put in some cash from us.


Starting to get a little cranky. No Lego set in his hand...

What a great place though! We'll definitely return and hopefully spend more time there. I think a scavenger hunt would be fun- there are just so many hidden mini figures and buildings we probably didn't see!