Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 18

Hiking at Diamond Head.

August 17

Turtle Beach!

August 16

Sandy Beach in Oahu.

On hold

My pictures a day are on hold. I am taking lots of great pictures but on my iPhone AND regular camera. I don't have my laptop to look at the pictures closely or upload them to this website, so a slew of them will be posted when we return. Geez, and I'm back to work the day after we get back so I hope it will be soon.

We are having a great time!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


We are relaxing at the beach house- getting used to the house, getting groceries, and just breathing after a long day yesterday. We think that after James' nap we'll go to a nearby beach, just to get our feet wet and see something of Hawaii! Tomorrow we're going to the North Shore- a turtle beach, to watch some surfers, and the Dole plantation.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 14

This angelic looking little boy just finished the biggest tantrum of the summer. I don't know where he gets those mood swings from...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet Boy

I need to catch up on this blog thing. I have more than a month of pictures (I do take them every day for my 365 blog) but I haven't written or really thought about it for a while. I wanted to start by posting these pictures from yesterday. I have a lot more but this was a cute moment.

James and I were enjoying an ice cream cone at Izzy's in St. Paul. He saw a "baby bird" and kept saying "Hi bird! Hi bird!" and he was upset that it wasn't playing with him. He decided it was hungry.

Hmmm. I have this cone.

I'll rip a piece off with my teeth.

I'll spit it out in my hand.

And throw it for the bird. What a nice treat!

Repeat several times.

August 11

"Daddy, what you wearin'?" We like when Daddy dresses up!

August 10

James and Mommy playing with "table toys" at lunch with Grandma. Thanks to Grandma Rosie for taking my camera and getting ME in the shot. I'm never in pictures with my sweetie pie (:

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9

My boys got haircuts! We are getting ready for vacay!

August 8

"Do you have my chocolate sucker?". His reward for ummmm, #2!

August 6

Look at his shirt. It was a three time-out day!!

August 5

!! James' Mommy ended up buying one, later. You can't just browse at Tar-jay, especially not with a 3 year old in the toy aisle. Toy will come in handy on the loooooong plane ride to Hawaii! James will be thrilled when we surprise him.

August 4

Just James.

August 4

Getting ready for a garage sale! Starting from bottom, left to right: Sizes Newborn, 3mo, 6mo, 9mo, 12mo, 18mo, 24mo, 2T, 3T. Dang!

August 2

Chocolate Donut Moustache.

July 31

Tia ChaCha and Tio Rich came over for a visit. James had a great saber battle with his Tia. They were literally running around the room and climbing over furniture!

July 30

It's just an egg salad sandwich but it was made with love (: Jim had a busy work day so I made a quick lunch for him. I surprised James with his name spelled out at lunch today (Cheez-it scrabble!) and we spelled out Daddy for Jim, a scrabble geek himself! Cheetos have a place in this house, just every once in awhile.

July 29

A Wampa beast tried to get me when I invaded the man cave today! Wampas are sensitive beasts though, they watch LHOTP (background) as they play.

July 28

Really? Pictures during lunch too?!

July 27

I hope I always see the other side of the storm! My MIL called to tell me of the perfect rainbow but I couldn't fit the entire thing in this picture. Wow! I wouldn't leave my James to find the pot of gold.

July 26

Happy Birthday Jim (Daddy)! James got a present from Uncle Joe too and so they went outside to try them- water sabers! Perrrrrfect. James and Shannon cornered Uncle Joe. Grandma Laura, Jim and myself stayed safe and dry inside.

July 25

Thank you Grandma Rosie for a great weekend! James is already talking about his next weekend visit (: