Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A teacher just brought a newborn to school to visit her friends. I took a peek at the baby and just don't remember James being that little, though the baby here was already over 8 pounds. So James was smaller!

So I found this montage from November 2006 to remind myself of those days!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Doctor, again!

Saturday is a blur. I don't remember what we did! But here's a video of just 3 minutes of James fun.

On Sunday we went to Edinborough Park to play. We really like it there. Jim and I also got a little workout following James through the tunnels and the obstacles, getting down on our hands and knees climbing, crawling, and TRYING to keep up with James!

There was a separate room with basketball hoops and go-cart thingies. We could also see the pool and James was begging to go "swimming!" Maybe next time?

I took James back to the doctor because his rash returned. It covered his stomach and chest. The doctor took blood samples to test him (finally!) for allergies- cat, milk, egg, and one other test that I forget. We hope to have the test results soon and get this figured out!

James was perfectly happy at the doctor's office. He played with the "colors" on the wall and hardly cried at the blood tests. I closed my eyes and flinched probably more than James!

After the doctor James laid down to watch TV and "sleep". He loves to wake up and say "Morning Mama!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend update

One day this week I had to carry James away from daycare, kicking and crying. He had been playing golf on Sandra's lawn and I was the mean Mommy who took him away from his beloved golf.

James decided he wanted to sit at the table. We know he's a big boy now but we've kept him in the highchair this long... we're getting a booster seat this weekend.

On a rainy day we had to come up with something fun to do. I remembered it has been a while since we played with the chalk mat that Tia ChaCha gave James for Christmas. It was like new to James, so "play outside" was quickly forgotten.

James double-fisting his sippy cups.

Hooray! On Saturday we went to the zoo- finally! We were all well, the weather was cooperative, and this Mama and Dada were excited!

James had a really great day! It was so much more fun taking him to the zoo. He walked a lot on his own, really looked at the animals this time, and just had a lot of fun! We heard this phrase a lot- "That way!" as James led the way down the paths, and we followed with the stroller. The stroller was probably only necessary to hold our belongings, except a couple of times when we put James in it to walk a little faster or as he ate his snack.

James really liked the aquariums. I think he'll share his Dada's love of the ocean!

As we walked around the Zoo, whenever James saw an older kid standing on a railing, on a ledge, on a rock- he just HAD TO do the same thing.

Oh... Brown Tree Frog button! There are similar buttons at the Children's Museum that he just loves! Each button had a different frog sound.

Up close to a bird!
In one of the gift shops, James made himself comfortable on the floor with a book. He sat down, looked at a few pages, and then declared, "The end!"

Of course we had to stop at the zoo's playground!

It was a good, long day!

Later, we went outside. James is always begging to go "play outside". He loves his golf, his tee-ball, and the fresh air :)

Lately, there is constant "boogie". Seems like we're wiping every 5 minutes!

Those long lashes :)

He saw the neighbor kid playing hockey and kept pointing, "Hockey!" I think he wanted to go across the street and join him, but that 12 year old probably wouldn't have liked that.

If his hands are the tiniest little bit "dirty" he'll ask for a napkin or paper towel. Its the worst at mealtimes now- if a drop of yogurt falls on to the table, he'll say "mess!" and not let it go until its wiped up.

Grandma Laura joined us for dinner on Sunday. Afterwards, there was living room golf played!

James and Dada bowling.

Blankie is looking a little rough around the edges! Literally. That thing is just NASTY. James chews on it and the edges are brown and crusty. Eeeeewwww! I don't know how much longer it will last. We wash it often.