Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jump! Makes me wanna Jump!

It was threatening to rain one day last week so I found an indoor activity that I thought James would like. We went to Pump It Up once or twice last year and he was kind of small to climb on the equipment, at least independently. Hardly any problems this year! He did need boosts every once in a while to get up certain parts, requiring this Mommy to put on her socks and join in on the climbing and jumping. By the end of the (short) hour I was sweating and felt that I got quite the workout. Not a bad thing, really!

When we first got there, a nice Mom was taking her kids up through the obstacle course and James nodded when she asked if she could help him too. So I waited at the bottom of the slide, wondering if he'd make it down on his own.

Yup! He shot down the slide and I quickly caught him and praised him for doing it "all by himself" (kinda). He was happy with himself but didn't want to go back down the slide again. We went through the obstacle course but always skipped the climbing wall and slide. Next time?

He did have the courage to climb up this stairway/ladder. Once he got to the top, well he wouldn't get down. I ended up following him up each time and having to put him on my lap to slide down. It was kind of scary! Fast.

"Come on, Mommy!"
It was hard keeping up with him!

Yup, I had to squeeze through too!

Overall, a fun time. I wish there had been another kid his age to play with. There were kids but younger and older, not really his age.

After his nap we played outside. This looks like such a sad picture! He wasn't really pouting or sad, I don't know what I captured...

Golf makes James happy!

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