Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great fun!

First, my child is wearing the same shirt from the last post. This is three days later. We do a lot of laundry around here lately because of accidents. The potty training is going well but lately he's been having pee accidents. It's like he suddenly forgot how to pee in the toilet! Some accidents are slight, still requiring a change, but some are just all out wet undies and shorts. It's weird but we hope we find a solution soon. Anyway, same shirt as three days ago. It is clean :)

First round of fun- light saber battle with the dust bunnies coming in through the sunny window! (Sorry Grandma Rosie, we do have dust.)

Second round of fun- wagon ride to the playground! Finally! A nice day to walk to the playground for some great play time.

Blanket for comfort? Check. SW ship? Check. Water bottle? Check. Change of SW underwear, just in case? Check. Did I forget anything?


James started doing his little pee dance. I asked if he needed to go potty and then he said, "I have to poop! Hurry! It's coming!" So we ran to the portapotty, to my distress.

Success!! A poop in the porta potty! So what did I forget? His chocolate sucker. Darn! So he became focused on the sucker and we left. We only made it 10 minutes at the playground before we hopped back into the wagon and went home. Oh well. Good effort! And a very good reason to go home :)

We picked a flower on the way home.

Third round of fun- baking cookies for Mommy! We found some plates and cups for the cookies and milk. (The cups were from Grandpa Larry, they make them at his plant. They are hologram Toy Story and Wall-E cups!)
James thinks the second batch of cookies are done! He was very careful to use his oven mitt. I honestly don't know how he knows about oven mitts. I guess he watches me more than I think :)

"I think I need to cook something else for you."

So I mentioned that we've been having some potty accidents. Naptimes are the most iffy part of this potty training. If we can get him to pee before naptime, then maybe maybe he sleeps the entire two hours without an accident. I praise the heck out of him if he makes it. For the most part he's been successful. On this day (6/18) he did pee in the bed. I stripped him of all of his clothes and stripped the bed when suddenly he said, "I have to pee in your bathroom!" And he took off running. It was so cute and I took a picture.

I think the rest of the day was a better potty day.

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