Thursday, August 31, 2006

Week 30 updates

I'm looking forward to my upcoming baby shower not this weekend but next! I'm so happy that my sister took this on. She always is the best hostess and I'm always overwhelmed by the love and effort she puts into these kinds of things. (Isn't family wonderful!?) Its going to be a great party and I hope everyone can come! I'll be the one with the baby belly, a little embarassed and overwhelmed by the attention :)

My latest health update is that I saw a diabetic specialist this week and I am now testing my blood levels four times daily. So far, my levels are all great and perfectly normal. I feel absolutely fine but missing eating sweets! I've changed my diet according to a sample menu that I found and it seems to be working. I see the dietician next week where I'll find out even more about my diet and what changes I need to make.

Weekend plans: Spend some sister time with Ana on Saturday, take a long walk with Jimmy (need exercise), and we have dinner plans with Roger (father-in-law) on Sunday to celebrate late birthdays

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Childbirth class

We made it through. One class down, three more to go! I think Jim was a bit uncomfortable talking about labor and delivery but he did well. The breathing exercises seemed a bit forced but I'm sure they'll come in handy when Jim has to remind me to breathe! The other couples seemed a bit younger this time.

Next class: Birth video! More breathing exercises. Hospital tour and registration.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jim is a swaddling fool!

We had our All About Babies class yesterday at Unity Hospital. There were about 10 other couples and we were each given a fake baby, a little bath tub, receiving blankets, etc. We practiced how to diaper, give a baby a bath, and learned how to swaddle the baby. Jim didn't think the class would be so interactive- I guess he thought it would be a lecture only. Ha!

It was so cute because when we first got to the class Jim had to sign us up and adopt our fake baby. He came back with the BIGGEST baby and I made him take it back. The baby was probably 5 months size. It was a little scary and intimidating looking. I guess he chose that baby because it was a "brown baby" like ours will be :)

The other news is that I have a diabetic appointment on Wednesday at the hospital. I will meet with a doctor (or other specialist) and they'll show me how to use the blood meter to test my blood 4 times a day. I've read that you test your blood right away in the morning (after nighttime sleep/fasting), 1 hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'll learn how to adjust my diet according to my levels. I guess I'll find out most of my information on Wednesday.

So far I've been eating better and I've cut out sweets. I've felt fine. I feel hungry all the time though and I don't know if I should be eating constantly. I've read that women with GD usually stick to very strict meals and scheduled snacks. I don't think the diet says anything about ice cream or chocolate :( Just kidding- I'll live.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

29 weeks today and GD results

Well, I have something to report. I did test positive for gestational diabetes. My levels were just barely normal after fasting for 12 hours, but after the glucose drink my levels were 20-30 points higher than the maximum norm. (They drew blood three times after the initial "fasting" bloodwork.) UGH.

The earliest I can get in to see the dietician is September 5th (first day of school!) and I just can't believe that they wouldn't want try to fit me in earlier. I'm a freaking out. Well, I know I can just be strict with myself and eat totally healthy. I have to give up sweets at least until I can figure out how my sugar levels work. I've read that an occasional, very small treat is okay if you follow with exercise or certain combos of food. Anyway, tomorrow I have to pick up my Rx for a monitoring/meter system. I'm assuming I'm testing my own blood 4x a day. My doctor's appointments also get upped to weekly after 32 weeks and I get more ultrasounds and biophysical monitoring. I'm supposed to get more information later next week from the doctor when she returns from her vacation/absence.

Well, I expect to feel better after I change my diet. I probably will have more energy. I haven't been bad or dragging too much, but maybe I'll see significant changes?

Thanks for reading this! No worries!

Weekend plans: We have our first Baby class on Saturday! We will learn how to diaper, feed, and care for our Baby. (I know my little sister Kristina is thinking, THANK GOD! She is so worried about our lack of experience :P)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Additional glucose testing

After fasting for 12 hours (ugh!) I had to undergo additional glucose tests for three hours. They first took blood to test before I drank the glucose drink, and then they were able to compare those results with the THREE other blood tests. I literally sat in the doctor's office for 3 hours, giving blood every hour on the hour. The glucose drink made me nauseous and groggy.

I still don't have the test results. I called today to ask about them but the doctor isn't in the office all week! I have to wait?!?!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

28 weeks today! and GD Test results

I am 28 weeks today! Starting my seventh month. WOW!

My doctor's appointment today consisted of a blood test after I drank a glucose drink (yuck). They tested my blood for glucose and gestational diabetes. Unfortunately my glucose levels were high and I will need to take another detailed test to determine if I really have gestational diabetes. The doctor was already talking like I do have GD and how I will have to change my diet.

I'm going to try and not worry until I know for sure. Really, I will have to change my diet and exercise. The doctor would then watch me closely and I would have appointments every two weeks starting immediately. I might even need to give myself insulin shots if I have GD badly.

Some of this does make sense. I am known in my family for having low blood sugar (or whatever), requiring frequent snacks to prevent the shakes/mood swings. I thought this was better for me since I became pregnant... ?

Weekend plans: baby shopping? Relax :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Nursery and painting

PART ONE, 9 am
Jim and I started the painting last night. It was surprisingly fast and easy. We traced the monkey, crocodile, and giraffe the night before. We're almost done painting and then we'll outline the animals with paint pens. We're only doing the three animals, not knowing what else we'll fill the walls with. I'm imagining book shelves, a toy chest, my shadow boxed teddy bear (MY childhood teddy bear, Brownie), etc. We figured that we don't want to overwhelm the nursery with too much, at least not at first!

Grandma Laura came over last night to see our work and to drop off some unexpected, early baby shower gifts. It was like Christmas in August :) I'm glad I was able to give her her gift of cookies (monthly cookies from Christmas promise/gift)- I hope they were an adequate exchange :)

Please see the Nursery pictures in "My Baby Albums" to see our progress. Finished pictures will go up later today. Yay!

PART TWO, Noonish
We finished! Please see our finished pictures in the "My Baby Albums" section. Our wall animals are complete, the crib is made up, and our new car seat is sitting in the corner of our nursery now. (Thanks Laura for the car seat and mattress!)

Jim said, "I would like to play in this room." I guess that's how friendly the nursery is now :)

Next: Purchasing the changing table, buying/putting up curtains, and hanging the quilt on the wall.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

27 weeks today!

I am 27 weeks today! One of my pregnancy books says that I'm in my third trimester. Even if I'm not, I'm really close to it :)

No significant changes with me. I am feeling healthy and having an easy pregnancy. I'm still very thankful for this. I'm just starting to feel awkward and fat, though officially my weight gain is around 12-13 pounds so far. I'm probably right on target.

I'm feeling Baby James kicking a lot more. Just now I sat and felt some hard kicks to my upper stomach. I'm enjoying them, but I doubt I will when he tries to do it at 3am! So far my sleep is unaffected :)