Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Nursery and painting

PART ONE, 9 am
Jim and I started the painting last night. It was surprisingly fast and easy. We traced the monkey, crocodile, and giraffe the night before. We're almost done painting and then we'll outline the animals with paint pens. We're only doing the three animals, not knowing what else we'll fill the walls with. I'm imagining book shelves, a toy chest, my shadow boxed teddy bear (MY childhood teddy bear, Brownie), etc. We figured that we don't want to overwhelm the nursery with too much, at least not at first!

Grandma Laura came over last night to see our work and to drop off some unexpected, early baby shower gifts. It was like Christmas in August :) I'm glad I was able to give her her gift of cookies (monthly cookies from Christmas promise/gift)- I hope they were an adequate exchange :)

Please see the Nursery pictures in "My Baby Albums" to see our progress. Finished pictures will go up later today. Yay!

PART TWO, Noonish
We finished! Please see our finished pictures in the "My Baby Albums" section. Our wall animals are complete, the crib is made up, and our new car seat is sitting in the corner of our nursery now. (Thanks Laura for the car seat and mattress!)

Jim said, "I would like to play in this room." I guess that's how friendly the nursery is now :)

Next: Purchasing the changing table, buying/putting up curtains, and hanging the quilt on the wall.

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