Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jim is a swaddling fool!

We had our All About Babies class yesterday at Unity Hospital. There were about 10 other couples and we were each given a fake baby, a little bath tub, receiving blankets, etc. We practiced how to diaper, give a baby a bath, and learned how to swaddle the baby. Jim didn't think the class would be so interactive- I guess he thought it would be a lecture only. Ha!

It was so cute because when we first got to the class Jim had to sign us up and adopt our fake baby. He came back with the BIGGEST baby and I made him take it back. The baby was probably 5 months size. It was a little scary and intimidating looking. I guess he chose that baby because it was a "brown baby" like ours will be :)

The other news is that I have a diabetic appointment on Wednesday at the hospital. I will meet with a doctor (or other specialist) and they'll show me how to use the blood meter to test my blood 4 times a day. I've read that you test your blood right away in the morning (after nighttime sleep/fasting), 1 hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'll learn how to adjust my diet according to my levels. I guess I'll find out most of my information on Wednesday.

So far I've been eating better and I've cut out sweets. I've felt fine. I feel hungry all the time though and I don't know if I should be eating constantly. I've read that women with GD usually stick to very strict meals and scheduled snacks. I don't think the diet says anything about ice cream or chocolate :( Just kidding- I'll live.

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