Thursday, August 24, 2006

29 weeks today and GD results

Well, I have something to report. I did test positive for gestational diabetes. My levels were just barely normal after fasting for 12 hours, but after the glucose drink my levels were 20-30 points higher than the maximum norm. (They drew blood three times after the initial "fasting" bloodwork.) UGH.

The earliest I can get in to see the dietician is September 5th (first day of school!) and I just can't believe that they wouldn't want try to fit me in earlier. I'm a freaking out. Well, I know I can just be strict with myself and eat totally healthy. I have to give up sweets at least until I can figure out how my sugar levels work. I've read that an occasional, very small treat is okay if you follow with exercise or certain combos of food. Anyway, tomorrow I have to pick up my Rx for a monitoring/meter system. I'm assuming I'm testing my own blood 4x a day. My doctor's appointments also get upped to weekly after 32 weeks and I get more ultrasounds and biophysical monitoring. I'm supposed to get more information later next week from the doctor when she returns from her vacation/absence.

Well, I expect to feel better after I change my diet. I probably will have more energy. I haven't been bad or dragging too much, but maybe I'll see significant changes?

Thanks for reading this! No worries!

Weekend plans: We have our first Baby class on Saturday! We will learn how to diaper, feed, and care for our Baby. (I know my little sister Kristina is thinking, THANK GOD! She is so worried about our lack of experience :P)

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