Thursday, August 17, 2006

28 weeks today! and GD Test results

I am 28 weeks today! Starting my seventh month. WOW!

My doctor's appointment today consisted of a blood test after I drank a glucose drink (yuck). They tested my blood for glucose and gestational diabetes. Unfortunately my glucose levels were high and I will need to take another detailed test to determine if I really have gestational diabetes. The doctor was already talking like I do have GD and how I will have to change my diet.

I'm going to try and not worry until I know for sure. Really, I will have to change my diet and exercise. The doctor would then watch me closely and I would have appointments every two weeks starting immediately. I might even need to give myself insulin shots if I have GD badly.

Some of this does make sense. I am known in my family for having low blood sugar (or whatever), requiring frequent snacks to prevent the shakes/mood swings. I thought this was better for me since I became pregnant... ?

Weekend plans: baby shopping? Relax :)

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