Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday is here!

Only a couple of days until my sister Kristina is here to visit!

James and I have big plans for today. I have to get going very soon to fit everything in. James needs a bath, I need a shower, I have a doctor's appointment (standard 6 wk after baby appointment), and we MIGHT be going out to lunch with my coworkers. I'm not sure if we can fit everything in since I slept in until 8am! I was really surprised James lasted that long in his crib (usually he's up for the day before then) and I took advantage of the opportunity.

There are a couple of new pictures in the Baby Album "Week Seven". This means James is six weeks old!! Jim and I have been commenting all weekend on how much James has grown. He seems HUGE all of a sudden. I've been thinking he's getting a little chubby but its also that he's getting long. His smaller clothes are almost too short for him now or will be very soon. He's already up to the Size 1 diapers now, outgrowing the Newborn size. He's a very healthy boy!!

Oh, in the pictures James is wearing a very colorful outfit :) I thought it was one of the cutest outfits yet. He's also wearing one of the knit hats from Tia Ana. It fits! It is one of the larger hats that she has made. We're so lucky to have an auntie who loves James so much :)

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