Friday, December 22, 2006

Tia is here!

My sister Kristina and my Mom are here! They arrived yesterday afternoon, very determined through the storm. Kristina and James have met at last and all is well!

We had a quiet evening at home, caring for James and watching TV. James was very loved and enjoyed the attention from both his Grandma and Tia. Its hard to admit that we probably don't hold James as much as he was held last night. We are usually pretty tired, and then happy if James is sleeping well and/or content on his own. We love him!

The lunch on Wednesday with my coworkers went well. It was James' first restaurant visit. He was sleeping peacefully for most of the time, except for when I brought him out of his carseat so others could hold him. My friend Athena especially loved holding him :) There are a couple of pictures in the Baby Album "Week Seven"- I wish I had taken more!

Today's plans: more family fun! I think we're taking James and ourselves to the mall to finish Christmas shopping.

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