Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Its been a long (but productive) morning! We've had a change of plans for Christmas Eve and Jim's family gathering. We are now hosting Jim's family for Christmas Eve because Great Great Uncle Don is in the hospital. Please send happy thoughts (or prayers) his way!

We didn't want Grandma Laura to worry about hosting Christmas Eve so the change of plans was made. We picked up the makings for dinner and I premade a lot of the food so that we can spend time together. And of course Christmas cookies were made earlier in the week!

Last night: Jim and I had our "date night" (dinner & movie) while Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry babysat. I asked my Mom to take pictures of Larry & James because I knew we didn't have any yet but she failed to do this with MY camera. So I don't have any pictures to share today. Oh well! I did come home and James was wearing his "JLT Loves Grandma Rosie" shirt so I know my Mom changed him, posed him, and was camera happy. She is a very excited Grandma.

So, going out wasn't as stressful as I thought. I knew James was in good hands with his Grandma Rosie and so I didn't worry. I think I would worry if I wasn't confident in the babysitter. I would leave him with very few people.

It was very strange to be out and without James. I know *I* was thinking of him the whole time- wondering what he was doing and whether he missed me. I'm not sure if he missed me but I missed him- even if it was just five hours!

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