Monday, May 25, 2015

NYE 2014

I keep trying to convince James that his bestie is Noah. Noah's mom, Jessica, is my best friend so it would really help if we all like to hang out. Well, Noah is only 3 (on NYE) and James is kind and patient but he has more mature interests. Ha!

The Mesna family came over to hang out with us on New Year's Eve. Jess and I hung out, the boys played, and the bigger boys (Jim and Andy) hung out in the basement and pretended they were pool sharks.

The small boys headed up to bed and James was very helpful. He shared his bed, read Noah some books, and helped to keep the excitement down.






So they tried to sleep.



It didn't end up working out so well. Noah got up multiple times and asked for his Mom from the top of the stairs. Jess was pregnant and couldn't keep getting up and down, so we ended up abandoning our sleepover efforts.

It was still nice to hang out!

Happy New Year!


Finishing up December 2014

A new Nerf weapon was purchased. Probably with Christmas cash!


A play date with a school friend Evan and neighbor buddy Sawyer. Playing Minecraft, of course!


Snuggling with Mom.



Fun stuff!

Roseville Ice Arena

I received some fancy ice skates for Christmas (thanks Ana!) and I really wanted James to try skating. No pressure. Just enjoy it. And he was willing so I looked up the hours for a local ice arena that rents skates and we were off!

The ice arena had these support thingies so James was pretty confident scooting around. The actual skating motion escaped his efforts, but he'll learn!


And then he wanted to try without the support. I was patient and supportive. And I let him fall. It's good for him.




He just kept getting back up!






I used to skate a lot in my youth.. And I was excited to see if I could still skate well but I ended up needing to stick with James the whole time. One day I'll show him my moves :)


Proud Mom.


And we celebrated with ice cream afterwards. Of course!


We only made it skating once but maybe next year we'll get him some used skates and we can try the Blaine parks and warming houses.



Winter toys

James received this snow (mobile) sled from his Uncle Joe. We barely had enough snow to make it work!


Cutie pie.


Winter break

Parents deserve a winter break too! Cranberry margaritas.


Xbox with friends

Three way Minecraft play! Winter break.


Tauer Christmas

We celebrated with the Tauers a few days late because Grandma Laura was under the weather. Later in the week she, Uncle Joe and Lisa came over for dinner and presents!

From Uncle Joe- a Nerf drone! Yikes!


First thing James does is try and shoot his uncle!



And then Uncle Joe decides to play.


And then the boxing.

What you don't see is the rough housing and the crying later. James always thinks he can handle it but then it goes too far :(


Jim and James had a surprise for Grandma Laura. James practiced reading his book and then read it to his Grandma.







It's a favorite of ours! The Sweet Smell of Christmas. What a lovely Christmas!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


James' bestie received an iPod for Christmas. The cute texting began immediately!


Christmas money

There was the day that James decided to use his Christmas money to buy his lunch. What a generous, wonderful boy!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Christmas Day in Shakopee



Pool sharks.





My traditional cookie platter. A few new ones this year.



Which presents are for me?!




Grandma Rose put James in charge of passing out presents. He did a great job!




Who is this one for?!


Must be mine....


Nope! It's for ChaCha!



It was the Gnome Chia pet that gets passed around. Dang it!


It was a Skylander Christmas.




And great books!


A present from Tía Kiki and Tio Berto...hmm.....


Dollar bills explosion!!


And wine for me!



I promise you that I was there. And Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry. We just didn't make it into pictures. I am kicking myself.