Sunday, October 4, 2015

Me. Sporty Spice.


My sporty spice days were limited. It was pretty difficult to get to Maple Grove for the Moms on the Run program, and it didn't help that many days were cancelled due to rain/storms. And then I started to have some health issues.


I look fresh and new here!


Mother's Day weekend 2015

We took my Mom out for a dinner in Minneapolis. Just the girls!


Laughs and wine!



The next day my boys took me out to a fancy brunch and movie!


I couldn't resist taking one of each of the chocolate desserts! Cake pops, mini eclairs, tiramisu in a cjhocolate cup, cream puffs, and something something with its own chocolate spoon. Heaven!


I felt loved!



And then a movie! Avengers!


Happy Mother's Day!



Wolfie comes with us most everywhere. Unfortunately he is quite famous for pooping in restaurant booths! How embarassing!


Scooting around



Homework by candlelight


Okay not really. But Wolfie helps! Early May.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Around the Lakes

The yard work was done in early May. The back yard was dug up, filled in, packed, and finished off with sod. I'm sure there was more to it than that but that's my summary.

These pictures are from a long weekend around the 'hood.






We always brake for lemonade stands!



The neighbor kids were excited to come over and check out our snapping turtle! From a distance, of course.



Almost ready for the sod.



In the middle of May I heard that the Blaine teens were having Nerf wars at the nearby park. I was annoyed that some of the uppity neighbors were complaining about the kids having some harmless (loud) fun. The kids were warned by the local police and resumed their wars. I knew James would be interested so I took him to watch from a distance.


I was angry and disappointed that they took out the Confederate flag. I got out of the car and made my presence known. It was taken down pretty quickly, but I don't think because of me. I had to get James out of there and sadly tell him that they made a bad choice. Support withdrawn. Stupid move, kids.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Stuff May 2015

I took students on a couple field trips in May. I love college visits. I wish I had that opportunity in middle school so I'm happy to take interested, potential students.

This was at Metro State University in St. Paul.



I took another group of kids to a student forum on Social Media. I photo bombed their group selfie, but they were all excited I did.


See? I like a good selfie. I took this one at Moms on the Run. I don't run, but we do fitness walking. I wish I was more consistent with my attendance.



Especially since I bought myself fancy new shoes!





It's better than a "No Girls Allowed" sign!


Translation: "Warning only James and stuffed friends"


My Kid

Loves chocolate!


Date Night- Brew Tour 4/24/15

April's date night was a brewery tour, all set up by Jimmy!

This Bitter bus took us to three different breweries to tour and sample. It was a great idea, Jimmy!


There were only three couples on this tour, plus the couple that owns/runs the tour. We all kinda stuck together the whole night.



We received these wooden tokens at each stop, good for a pint of beer/drink each.



Mine is the IPA, Jim's is the dark bitter beer, of course.




Selfie at the first location- Harriet Brewing Co. in Minneapolis.


We had a behind the scenes tour of the brewing process. Pitchers of beer offered. Very generous :)


The second stop was Dangerous Man Brewing Company, also in Minneapolis. It's a pretty busy place normally but the rain kept people away, we think. Good for us!



We did NOT get a tour here.





Finally, the third location was Sociable Cider Werks.



Jim liked the tables, made from drums?


Three are the owners/hosts. They were very friendly, probably part of the job but it felt sincere. I think they love what they do.



My handsome guy.


Another behind the scenes tour, explaining the cider making process.




Obviously geeks are in charge..





The breweries do not serve food but local food trucks hang out in the parking lots. At the first stop I had some Cajun food. At the last stop, even though I wasn't hungry, I HAD TO try the goat cheese curds with maple bacon. How could you not? They were delicious.



The entire tour was only three hours or so. It was just enough time to get a feel for the breweries.. I hope we can go back to some of them, and others. Minneapolis has so many possibilities.