Friday, August 29, 2014

Great summer night

Grandma Laura came over for dinner one night in late July. We didn't eat out on the deck but we enjoyed some time outside afterwards. The weather cooled slightly and there was a small breeze. Perfect!



As the grownups talked James looked for nearby friends.


He'd creep up on us on the deck...


And when his buddy Clayton ran by (he was practicing for his triathlon!), James was quick to shoot him with his Nerf gun. Poor Clayton!



This was on a Thursday. The next day was the last day of nature camp. Clayton broke his arm when he fell out of a tree. No triathlon for him! Sad!


Ahhhh, perfect!



We've been through several obsessions in this house. Some have been very fun and memorable, some have been expensive and messy.

Right now we are still in the midst of James' Nerf obsession. The guns were organized at one point but they have returned to my living room floor as clutter. We'll get them cleaned up hopefully this weekend.

Darts everywhere.


The best obsession began when James was not even two years old. I remember that he was miserably sick and Dada came home with an unexpected present. A huge plastic golf club! I think it was love at first sight. James played golf inside all winter long and we had probably fifty light golf balls everywhere in sight.

In the spring we moved outside with REAL metal clubs, oh my! It was a fun next few summers of mini golf courses, driving ranges, San Diego beach golfing, etc. I remember being at my grandfather's 100th birthday fiesta and all James wanted to do was golf. It was the cutest!

Neighbors would pass by in disbelief. His swing was surprisingly accurate. They would say, Wow he's going to be the next Tiger Woods! (before that was a not so nice thing to say...)

Well, enjoy this trip back in time. These are some great memories and I really enjoyed looking back at his old pictures!


After golf his next obsession was Legos. That obsession literally hurt! Our wallets and our feet! Have you ever stepped on a Lego? Ouch!

The beginning of his massive collection. Later on we move to plastic organizing bins, Legos sorted by color.




His 5th birthday party was Lego themed.

Sneaky even made a Lego creation. Christmas 2011.


This was our living room back then. Lego city.


We've also gone through Star Wars, Angry Birds, Mario bros., Minecraft, etc.

I kinda miss Legos. Seems so much safer than running around the neighborhood with a gang of boys!


Nature Camp 2014

In late July we had James signed up for a nature camp at Springbrook Nature Center. The huge bonus was that it was also a Spanish Immersion camp! So a bit of Spanish to practice some skills. The neighborhood moms had emailed back and forth to get our kids involved. We also arranged a carpool. I'm the Mom with the most (summer) time at home so I did most of the driving. I needed to borrow a minivan to fit all the booster seats.

I was a minivan driving carpool Mom! Whoa.

Clayton always makes a face. James is probably thinking, Sigh. Another picture! Carter was new to me so the most cooperative for a picture.


Because of the other Moms' work schedules, it did work better to have the boys dropped off early at our house. Like 7am early! So we were a mini daycare for a week... Before and after the camp time (9-4).

The boys kept busy with connecting worlds in Minecraft.


I even provided some meals once they realized the beauty of pancake balls. This was on the first night when I made them breakfast for dinner. I called their Moms and asked to keep them a bit late, since the first day is always so fun. They came over for breakfast each morning too to partake in pancake balls. Good thing I always freeze a bunch!

Our guests ate 10 pancake balls each! I think it became a challenge.


Oh, so about the camp. James didn't complain all week but it wasn't his favorite thing ever. It was a lot of outdoorsy, get dirty activities. Lots of bug bites too. He told me on Friday that it would be okay if we didn't sign him up next year.

Hey, we tried!


Misc. House items

We had our deck rebuilt this summer. A company removed and replaced our old railing, and Jim removed and replaced the floorboards. We stained and then we were back in business!

In this picture you can see the city workers measuring and analyzing the pond. I'm glad James didn't pay too much attention to this- I didn't want him getting any ideas of exploring the pond!



Staining the deck! Oh what fun!




We hosted a neighborhood meeting in our yard. City officials were invited to discuss our pond and yards.


Note to self: I need a nicer tablecloth. Slim pickings here.

The drink was nice though! We can't go wrong serving that one.



And finally our finished deck. It looks great!


And Jimmy bought me a new chair! I call the color butterscotch. It's so nice!


Battle Station

James set up a battle station behind the fake "rock" in the yard. I don't know who he was hiding from here...


Pump it up with Ryan

We met James' summer buddy Ryan at Pump It Up, a local inflatable park. We've been here before. These places are always so much more fun with a friend!





My friend Ann played too! (Thanks to peer pressure from her own kids! I couldn't...i didn't have the required socks. Darn :)



It was a fun time! James got a little crabby, or "off", during our play time. He sat on the sidelines while he worked that out. There was no rhyme or reason to his sudden burst of moodiness. He kind of reminds me of someone I know... (Me!)


Another Day...

Another battle!



Have I mentioned that James loves Nerf?


So all summer this boy couldn't wait to go outside each day. He'd get his arsenal ready and just hang out outside until a friend or two would appear. I'd keep watch from inside, checking out the window so often to make sure he was safe. Later on in the summer I'd get smart and set alarms on his watch for "check-in"- a time he'd need to drop everything, come home, and show me he's okay. This needed to be done because soon enough he starts wandering to other yards. Even across the street!

I just don't know when a Mom (or Dad) is allowed to quit worrying! Maybe that time never comes :)


Friday, August 15, 2014


One day I was cleaning and organizing James' room and I wanted him to try on the soccer jerseys that Tia Kiki sent him from Tio Berto's travels. He was uncooperative. Crabby face. Look at that 'tude!



Still too big! Definitely next summer.


It's all about Nerf




Waiting for friends. Waiting for some action!


Nerf Obsession

We have a full blown Nerf obsession.


A gun or two wasn't enough. James had to have a Nerf "vest" for his extra weapons and darts.


Nerf wars continue to happen daily. James is getting a rep for having the best weapons. Other kids are getting their own guns to keep up.



More girls! And two new friends- Gunnar and Ashley. Gunnar lives across the other street, near Chris.