Monday, August 11, 2014

Water fun

I found this idea online. Now, for the future, I must lower my expectations of the amount of fun time that is actually involved. A lot of time and energy goes into these ideas and then the amount of time actually "doing"? Not long!

So if you're familiar with Angry Birds you know that you need birds to catapult at the pigs.

Water balloon birds!



Next, we drew the bigs and assigned them scores. It was a hot day. Lots of work.






Our first idea was to use this net to catapult the birds. It didn't work well.


Plain old throwing worked better!




It was a good idea with some flaws. The balloons didn't pop well. Most of them rolled into the grass and popped on contact with the grass spikes. Argh. Some frustration from James, and me!


James was happy to go inside and relax in the A/C.




Cute idea though!


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