Monday, August 11, 2014

Minecraft Lego Camp 2014

We had signed up James for a Minecraft class in the spring. He was all about all things Minecraft so we thought it was a perfect fit. His interest started to wane but luckily he still wanted to attend, didn't mind it was tech-free and mainly dealt with Legos and crafts, and he ended up having lots of fun. Anytime we mentioned that he went to Minecraft camp to other friends, they were slightly jealous. We just happened to see it in the city newsletter!

It was a drop-your-child-off-and-come-back-later deal so I don't know exactly what they did for those few days. I saw art projects and then the last day's chaotic fun because I arrived early for pickup.


The kids were just finishing up their Lego torches.


And then the teacher turned out the lights for the full effect...and chaos.


Hey, this looks like a light saber!


Just lots of torches stumbling around in the dark..



And then they came together for a group torch. It was cute.


The eight bit artwork-

Ender man, a skeleton, and a pig.


So big thumbs up for the Minecraft Lego camp!


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