Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prepare to be overwhelmed

I have a new camera! Jim bought me a camera for my birthday :) I have lots of pictures so I will put them in slideshows below...

First, a video from the last Mommy and Me class.

Grandma plays with James. He LOVED books this weekend. He loves to point out the pictures/words he knows.
James loves his Tia and Tio.
Trying the close up on my camera :)
James loves to play outside. He especially likes to stand on the rock and point to the "tee".
Grandma, Tia, James, and myself had fun with sidewalk chalk.

I have done little else tonight but upload pictures and make the videos. I will write some commentaries tomorrow, from work if I have time! I really need to relax :) Fun weekend!!

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