Sunday, October 12, 2008

Word explosion

So it seemed that James learned quite a few words in one day. Maybe he knew them all along but we hadn't heard them yet. Its possible that he learns words at Sandra's and we just don't hear them until the time is right. So here's the list that I can remember:

bug (points to ladybugs on window, bugs on the driveway)
moon (points to the moon in several different books)
pumpkin (in books and his pumpkin sippy cup)
balloon (book)
oh man! (just likes to use this expression whenever possible)
pablo ("paa foo"- a character in the Backyardigans cartoon)

Another amazing thing is that he's identifying things that belong to me (or Dada). For example, he'll point to my book and say "Mama book" or my shoes as "Mama shoe".

I haven't updated since the Mommy & me class on Thursday night. It was a hectic night. James and I arrived at home and ate pretty early. We left for the class at 5:10 and arrived there a few minutes early. The class is at a dance studio and there were tons of school-age girls running around in tights and leotards. The little kids trickled in and soon enough we were in a studio classroom with all the kids and their parents. Probably about 12-15 little girls (all wearing pink, most wearing tights and little dance outfits) and one other little boy, about the same age. The half hour was crammed with music, instructions, and props. They put on a Mousercise song and all of us encouraged our kids to dance around the room, twirling our arms, clapping our hands, or other movements. The instructor was an older lady with lots of energy. The next song was the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken dance, and some other funky song. Sooo corny but all the kids seemed to like it. It truly was a lot of work for ME, as the Mom. James was interested in the music and movements about 30% of the time. In the other moments he was dancing to the beat of his own drum- the class was doing all of their stuff on the outskirts of the room, well James liked to stand right in the middle of the studio and watch everyone. He wouldn't stand by me like all of the other kids. He was interested in the props for about a minute and then would wander around the room. What was I doing this whole time? Chasing after him. Encouraging him to participate. Everyone laughed and smiled at him, so it was all good. I'm sure it will get better with each class we go to.

I did learn that James loves to tumble. Somersaults, specifically. He needs help getting his legs up and over but he laughs when he lands.The weirdest thing happened to us on Saturday. We were attacked by wild turkeys!! We were driving down Hwy 242, going towards Coon Rapids when we were caught in a weird traffic jam. Cars ahead of us were at complete standstill and lots of honking going on. When we got closer we saw a flock of turkeys attacking cars! The turkeys were pecking at the tires of the cars, making it difficult for the cars to maneuver around the turkeys. Jim told me to just speed ahead, that the turkeys would move, but I couldn't risk hitting them. I swerved to the right to miss them but they came right up to the passenger window and I think James saw them too. It was too weird!

Its a short but long week for me again this week. Parent/teacher conferences again on Tuesday night, but a fieldtrip day on Wednesday will make it an easy day. And then no school on Thursday or Friday! And Grandma Rosie (solo) is coming to visit on Thursday for a long weekend! Grandpa Larry will join us later. And Tia Ana and Tio Rich will be coming too! We hope to have a fun day at the pumpkin patch or something else fall-like.

Some videos from Mommy and Me:

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