Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lego Master Creations

On one of those ungodly hot days we stayed indoors and created. James was the mastermind but I didn't mind sorting through pieces to find just the right ones for him. I did help a lot but I was impressed with his ideas and just how excited he was to create his own "sets".

Here is our movie theater. We used more Brick Stix to make a movie screen and even included an advertisement for Brickola!

Here's where our organization really came in handy. We were able to find all the little seats in one handy bin! Neat. The big trash can in the back of the theater is holding Skittles :)


Here's the movie ticket office. We used more Brick Stix for the "cash register".



The movie theater customers. James put me in charge of making popcorn and Diet Coke. When he gave me that task I had to ask him what he thought I should do, because I had no idea! He said, "Find a box for the popcorn. And use little yellow sparkles." He didn't like my first version but these made the cut. Phew! The Diet Cokes he created. I was then given the task of finding the parts.


Here is the Batmobile we created. I had the task of creating the bottom structure. James found the windows, the lights, and the top dome. He put all the pieces on and it was great teamwork!


Then I had the idea of making a pool. James got super excited because he had a swimmer minifigure! We made the pool enclosure and just filled it up with blue bricks. Super easy! He also made benches for the parents to watch- like the parents at Foss Swim School!


Our last creation of the day was the Bank. I was only responsible for the structure. I made the walls, included the windows he handed me (with the specific instructions to make them "drive thru").


I don't know how he knows about drive thrus at banks. I've never taken him through one. And I don't know he knows about cubicles. He created "The Boss" and gave him all the computer screens he could fit around the guy's desk. He also created a line of safes, and stuffed them full of the little gold coins and Lego dollars that he has.

Really super impressive!


James told me that this is NOT Grandma Rose's bank. Two reasons: 1. Grandma can't be robbed. 2. We don't have a minifigure that looks like Grandma! Hahahaha.

Love this kid!

Golf Again

We're hoping this is a return to golf :)

We started James in beginner golf lessons at Victory Links golf course here in Blaine. There are about 16 students and 4 instructors.


The head instructor was pretty funny. He made the kids go through some stretches and warm up exercises. Even pushups!


The kids were split up into small groups and taught basics. Putting today.




James did well! We watched from the sidelines with the other parents. Some parents left and came back to pick up their kids.





Summer Treats

Why have a summer vacation if you don't make cupcakes whenever the moood strikes you?

James asked if we could make chocolate cupcakes and I said sure! We only made half a batch. And then half of those went into the freezer. Moderation, or something something something like that.


James' latest Lego magazine made us aware of their most recent contest. Create your favorite summer treat! With his Dad's help James made ... an ice cream cone of course!


We're sending in this picture and James is hoping for the $100 prize! To buy... Legos.

Cloud Collecting

This will be one of my best summer memories. It was just so simple. James wanted to lay on a blanket and look at the clouds. There is an episode of Oswald that I think inspired him.



He didn't really pick out cloud shapes, but just looked for the good ones.


He needed to run up the hill to get that good picture.




We also kicked the soccer ball around.





These are James' best cloud shots from his camera.




And finally a video of his silliness. He rolled down this hill probably ten times!




So I pretend to be a photographer with these fancy Instagram filters. This one darkened up my picture and made it much more bold than it really was.


James saw me taking a picture of my plant and decided he'd take one too.



I've loved his pictures. I've learned a couple of things from looking at his pictures.

He loves taking multiple shots of an item. (Just like Mom! Looking for that perfect shot!)

I am one of his favorite subjects. This is the most flattering picture of me.

He loves a self-portrait.

And he sure does love Clifford.


Bowling Buddies

We three were bowling buddies. I had this Groupon deal for an hour of bowling so we decided to squeeze in two games of bowling, if possible.

James used the bumpers and the ramp (instead of rolling the ball directly down the lane). He did pretty well and loved the ball return thingie. He would stand and wait for the ball, and then exclaim with excitement when it swooped up the machine.







Jim won both games. I came close in the 2nd game though.




My Groupon deal also included $10 in game play. James played a bit of skee ball and other coin-wasters. He had a lot of fun!