Monday, January 3, 2011

What's James doing NOW?

My poor baby is sick. He fell asleep on the floor though he refused an immediate nap.

At 11ish the daycare called me to say that James has a temperature and needs to be picked up. I got Jim to pick up and wrapped up my work to be home for the afternoon. It was my first day back! Oh well. James was obviously miserable. This was weird because he's been fairly normal the last few days. We've all had colds/coughs and he's been a little off but nothing alarming.

He woke up normally this morning and we each headed to work/school. Well, now we're all at home and we have a doctor's appointment scheduled for 2:20. It's not with our normal doctor and we need to put a MASK on James when we arrive. Yeah, that's going to happen... I'm glad Jim is able to go with me because I think it's going to take the two of us to manage the paperwork (as of January 1st our health insurance has changed) and then to settle James down. Just going to the doctor is going to traumatize him, and then wearing a mask? He's just not going to understand.

Wish us luck. We are all fine. I think it's important for us to go the doctor today to rule out an ear infection, or to get antibiotics if necessary. Jim and I are both functioning well enough, coughing every once in a while, but functioning. We don't need for anything and we'll pick up medicine/supplies on the way home.

I'll update later.

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