Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Jim was lucky enough to attend James' Halloween party at daycare. I had an all day workshop in Bloomington so I was unable :(

I was sent these cute pictures from the party-

James is a Spooky Pirate!

Prepping at home for our big night out-

Costume? Check! Sword? Check!

Giggly boy? Check!

In the car, James sang this song:

We headed to Uncle Joe's for our first stop.

Grandma Laura was there too.

When it was dark we went back to our 'hood. James wanted to check the candy bowl. We left a bowl in our absence, and I'm glad that the kids weren't too greedy. There was still candy left! James was happy.

First stop.

It was a perfect night. Just a crescent moon, a little chilly but nice!

James unloaded his loot and picked out two candies to eat before bedtime. He was so happy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Duh. Sleeping! We always check on James before heading to bed ourselves. Tonight I took this picture to text my sister (Tia Kiki) in Japan. Fancy iPhone with flash and cool Viber app for free texting (: loves it! And her! Goodnight Kiki and James!

-Blogging while living life!

Friday, October 28, 2011


TMI alert!!!

James came out of the bathroom mid-poop. Don't know why. But I scooted him back in to finish (and take the tp out of his bottom).

He looked down between his legs and told me, "My poop looks like a J!". Oprah and Dr. Oz would be proud!

-Blogging while living life!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Jamesy

Only I call James "Jamesy". I don't call him that often, just when we're being silly or cute. I guess I have a lot of nicknames for him- but they're all mine!

Tonight I put him to bed and it was a very fun, sweet bedtime. We read the Tickle Monster book and he insisted that I tickle him with the monster gloves, even after the book was done.

We always say "Sweet Dreams" (like my Mom used to say to us when we were little :) but tonight James wouldn't say it. He insisted on a HUGE hug first. He wouldn't let go. He told me, "I'm going to hug you forever. We're going to get married. And then we're going to stay around like this."

Sometimes I cry a little with happiness!

In that moment I had a little flash forward of James as a teenager. Whenever I see kids at my school get dropped off by their parent I ask them "Did you tell your Mom 'I love you' and give a kiss? You need to do that!" I hope I'm still getting the hugs when he is 12, 13, etc!

This picture is his newest Preschool picture. I stole a snapshot of it from the photographer's website. We are ordering the digital picture so we'll be sure to get copies to our family. NO worries but it may take a few weeks to get the CD files in the mail.

I'm in love with this picture. It is so him- the shy tilt of his head, the sparkle in his eyes. Ahhhhh!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Stillwater Visit

On this cool, windy fall day we headed to Stillwater to have breakfast at Grandpa Roger and Linda's house.

James played quietly while the grown-ups talked and ate. (He wasn't hungry. Stinker.)

He used Grandpa's lighthouse as a castle for his Lego knights.

Silly Monkey!

I already posted this picture but it's too cute! James and I went outside when he got antsy inside. He was on the verge of crabbiness when I had the idea to have a stick hunt. He found this beauty and decided it was a fishing pole. We sat on the steps and caught imaginary fish. Do you see it?

After breakfast we went to the Sun Country farm for pumpkins! It's just not fall without apple orchards and pumpkin farms.

Jim and Roger are talking in the background. James is driving!

I think this is the one I want!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


There are great fishing sticks at Grandpa Roger's house!

-Blogging while living life!

Playing at Grandpa Roger's

Silly face.

-Blogging while living life!


The Gummy Bear Song

James started to sing this song but soon ran into a problem. I don't quite know what happened but this is funny. He gets frustrated- reminding me of a few middle school kids I know!

YouTube Video

-Blogging while living life!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cat Hat

Halloween is coming!


I've put College in James' brain. I told him that after kindergarten and then big kid school he'll go to college to learn a job. He told me that he would still like to be a Cookie Chef, so he'll go to Cookie Chef College. I did tell him that he could go to college to be a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, a writer, an artist, etc. But it's still all about the cookies!

Some cute responses in the days after:
"Mom, are my friends going to college too?" I HOPE SO!

"Mom, I'm going to miss you when I go to college." OMG Don't remind me that one day he'll leave us :(

Classroom Stuff

I love looking around James' classroom for the student art but also to check out which toys they have in the room. James was very excited last week when they added "big kid" Legos! Not just the age appropriate Duplos (that he kinda skipped over) but the little bitty piece Legos.

Check out his Frankenstein-

Other kids' art for comparison-
I like how James' Frankie has low eyebrows, it makes him look fierce!

He was very proud of his pumpkin. The leaves must have been confused with eyes. And he was only one of three kids who thought to turn his pumpkin lengthwise. You can also see the cutting lines. The kids must have been told to cut out their shapes. I think James is doing so much better with scissors.

On the day I took these pictures James was a Lights helper. He told me that he got to turn out the lights for naptime. Nice work!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


My child BEGS to take his medicine. He just can't wait.

I tasted it. Gross.

Computer Geek

James is taking a computer class at daycare now. He is now taking THREE classes- computer, Spanish, and soon Karate!

This morning he made a "work desk" and used a wood block for a mouse. The R2D2 computer has reappeared and he's been pounding on the keys. I caught a cute moment on video (posting later) where he recited the ABC's and punched out each letter on the keyboard.

He's learned about the different kinds of computer mouse(s)- tracking ball or light. I think that's what it is. I need to ask James... He's also learned how to point and click. He's a genius.

Sunday is for Football

We were in the middle of reading the Sunday newspaper. I think I was mid-sip of my coffee when this sweet little voice said, "Mom, will you play football with me?" I think there was even batting of the eyelashes. How could you refuse?

We ALL went outside. We are a great family :)

I mostly took pictures but I took a tackle or two too!

"Mom, you're on my team. Get ready."

James and I dove for the ball.

We saw this in the Charlie Brown book.

"Don't be afraid of the ball, James."

We didn't last terribly long outside. The gnats were pretty nasty. But what fun!