Monday, October 17, 2011

Stillwater Visit

On this cool, windy fall day we headed to Stillwater to have breakfast at Grandpa Roger and Linda's house.

James played quietly while the grown-ups talked and ate. (He wasn't hungry. Stinker.)

He used Grandpa's lighthouse as a castle for his Lego knights.

Silly Monkey!

I already posted this picture but it's too cute! James and I went outside when he got antsy inside. He was on the verge of crabbiness when I had the idea to have a stick hunt. He found this beauty and decided it was a fishing pole. We sat on the steps and caught imaginary fish. Do you see it?

After breakfast we went to the Sun Country farm for pumpkins! It's just not fall without apple orchards and pumpkin farms.

Jim and Roger are talking in the background. James is driving!

I think this is the one I want!

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