Friday, October 14, 2011

Classroom Stuff

I love looking around James' classroom for the student art but also to check out which toys they have in the room. James was very excited last week when they added "big kid" Legos! Not just the age appropriate Duplos (that he kinda skipped over) but the little bitty piece Legos.

Check out his Frankenstein-

Other kids' art for comparison-
I like how James' Frankie has low eyebrows, it makes him look fierce!

He was very proud of his pumpkin. The leaves must have been confused with eyes. And he was only one of three kids who thought to turn his pumpkin lengthwise. You can also see the cutting lines. The kids must have been told to cut out their shapes. I think James is doing so much better with scissors.

On the day I took these pictures James was a Lights helper. He told me that he got to turn out the lights for naptime. Nice work!

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