Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lazy morning



Scootin' along

James and his pack are all outfitted with scooters and Nerf now. He had been borrowing his friend Sawyer's sister's scooter so we felt it was the right time to buy him his own.

He loves it!



He is really safe on it. He's rarely alone, and knows to only go so far. There's always a parent outside keeping any eye on things. It's like we have a silent agreement to take turns, us parents. I'm out there a bit and enjoy talking to some of the other Moms and Dads.


It's a good life, James Landon!


Nuts for Nerf

I watched the boys go up and down this hill probably 20 times. If nothing else Nerf is keeping our kids fit and healthy!


Another day, another Nerf war.


James is always ready!


2nd Grade Open House

We attended the Open House at James' school to find out which classroom he had been placed. Unfortunately, most of his best buddies were in other classes but he didn't complain at all. We knew he'd make new friends and all would be well!

His new desk-


Spanish instructions for the night-


The Facil (easy) button was a hit!


We haven't had too much communication with this new teacher, even now in mid October, but James says nice things.


Oh Grandma Rose!

James spent a weekend at Grandma Rose's in August and you know what that means! Nerf shopping.

And this time James made a friend in Grandma's neighborhood. I don't remember his name, but how fun! Grandma Rose sent me this picture...


This is the moment that James introduced his newest gun to me. Mega Centurion or some nonsense like that. It shoots mega darts and we aren't allowed to shoot those at people!


So as we arrived back to our neighborhood, James must have been waving his new gun to the boys outside because we had a gaggle of dudes following us to the house. And I think James knew ahead of time and told them that his Grandma Rose was buying this for him.

This is the boy swarm that checked out his new weapon.


Random Summer moments

Ice cream sandwiches are a new favorite.


I bought a similar blanket for myself and James just HAD TO have one too. He calls it his Blankie 2.0!


He grew these from seeds at school!


Rainy day and our neighbor still waters his lawn. It keeps us very amused.


James had to go to a few days of daycare while I went back to work in mid/late August. He wasn't thrilled but he made it through :)



Super nice to put up my feet and watch James play!


This is not the droid you are looking for!


Swimming again

I'm just so proud of James! He loves his swim lessons and goshdarnit, he's good at it!


Darth James




Rare non-Nerf play day

Bubbles! Finally the Nerf guns get put away, even if just briefly.





Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pride 2014

I try not to miss the Pride event every summer. Anoka Youth Pride celebrates and supports LGBT kids. (LGBT= Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)

It is my honor to show up for a few hours, lend some support, and bring James. He will grow up knowing that we love and support everyone.


Of course a Nerf gun came with us!


If there is cake James is happy!


Another great event! We always arrive early. The party is usually just getting started!


Go James Go!



Nerd 24/7

So all summer long we had to tell James that he can't knock on friends' doors at 8am, when he himself is ready for the day and play. It was so nice to have all of the neighborhood kids to keep James active and busy.

I could always look out the window and see them together.


Or they'd be waging Nerf Wars against each other, or the older neighbor boys directly next to us.


James became very popular. I like to imagine that is because he is a truly fun, good kid but I know his Nerf collection had some appeal too :)

The doorbell was constantly ringing so I had to put this sign over our doorbell. Poor Jim was trying to work from home and the door kept opening and closing. It became manageable after some parent intervention.


Waiting for friends.


In the picture below James and friends chased off some high school boy solicitors. Selling magazines or something. It was pretty funny and the teens were good sports about it.


The Nerf Nerd gang. Spencer, Drew, James, Gunnar, Chris and Ali. Some boys are missing- Ethan, Dayo, Caden, Logan, etc.


Allowance was spent as fast as he could earn it!


It's a good life, James L.T.!