Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nerd 24/7

So all summer long we had to tell James that he can't knock on friends' doors at 8am, when he himself is ready for the day and play. It was so nice to have all of the neighborhood kids to keep James active and busy.

I could always look out the window and see them together.


Or they'd be waging Nerf Wars against each other, or the older neighbor boys directly next to us.


James became very popular. I like to imagine that is because he is a truly fun, good kid but I know his Nerf collection had some appeal too :)

The doorbell was constantly ringing so I had to put this sign over our doorbell. Poor Jim was trying to work from home and the door kept opening and closing. It became manageable after some parent intervention.


Waiting for friends.


In the picture below James and friends chased off some high school boy solicitors. Selling magazines or something. It was pretty funny and the teens were good sports about it.


The Nerf Nerd gang. Spencer, Drew, James, Gunnar, Chris and Ali. Some boys are missing- Ethan, Dayo, Caden, Logan, etc.


Allowance was spent as fast as he could earn it!


It's a good life, James L.T.!


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